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  • fuh_q_lance fuh_q_lance Jun 22, 2000 4:38 AM Flag

    Hell in a Bucket

    I keep hearing how things will get better, but in
    the meantime things go from bad to worse at the House
    of Lance. Months ago, many in production were hoping
    to get a full 40 hr week. Since Nabisco and
    Keebler... 7 days a week, no incentive check for anyone
    except chip plant employees and upper management. We now
    have to work on the 4th of July...and the bastards
    that decided this'll sure as hell be nowhere near
    Lance that day. They be out on their yacht or grilling
    burgers and dogs, sippin' on a cold one in their
    backyard, shooting fireworks.
    Why must we work on the
    4th you ask?
    Let's see...We are doing so much
    co-packing and private label that there's not enough time to
    run Lance products. We now have a full crew of
    Mexicans running the Nabisco stuff (which, by the way, are
    10x better than Lance products). We have an unusually
    high amount of scrap going out the door - because
    nobody cares anymore. People are quitting left and
    right, they can't get any skilled labor in the door and
    keep them because the payscale is still 10 yrs behind.
    Nobody cares anymore!
    Morale is at the lowest I've
    ever seen anywhere, which in turn affects
    performance, which affects production, which affects THE
    Lance will be bought soon, the writing
    is on the wall. It's the only way we'll get pulled
    from this downward deathspiral we're in.

    could write a novel about how screwed up Lance is from
    top to bottom. But ........... I just don't care
    anymore. They can drop to their knees and choke on

    Y e a h ... take all of it biatch.
    Tell ya
    momma I said hey!

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    • To hear that some Lance employees are afraid to
      post anything on a message board. If thats all those
      in Charlotte have to do is sit and look for posting
      from disgrunted employees than their in worse shape
      than I ever could imagine. In all my years with Lance
      I found the one constant to be one big fat LIE.
      Kind of reminds me of the Arabs in the inner city,
      they know what type of thiefs and liars they are an
      view everyone the same as them. Jeckles, I would
      suspect you've been told to avoid this web page because
      to much TRUTH gets exposed here. Personally speaking
      I serve a more powerful master. God forbid someone
      in Charlotte misplace a remittance envelope or lose
      a money order of yours, you'd be TERMINATED boy!

      Have the Teamster talked to our truckers yet????? The
      best thing anyone can do that works for Lance is GET
      IT IN WRITING. Than again, from some of the rep's
      I've seen redin an ritin might be a stretch. Bye ya'll

    • I should be more specific on my location, but
      we(middle managers) have been told not to mess with this
      board. Thus, I must be vague in some areas. I am based
      in the core market is all i can say. I did not
      realize you were in the outer perimiter. Yes, we do have
      a problem with name recognition in those
      I wish you could have been with the company in the
      last 20 years, a super organization with "strong"
      loyal management. I have also lost big dollars in the
      last few years in stock ownership, but can't afford to
      get out.
      the problems we have is due to poor
      management,"shoot and aim" fixes, outside hires for upper
      management, and failure to see the changing market place,ie,
      counting our cash and not seeing and planning for the
      The present view in C-town, back to the basics!!
      Check out the "new" Toastchee, best taste and quality
      in last five years, and also changes to the old way
      on most "golden Goose" products. This developement
      is the most encouraging news for me in the last 5
      yrs. It has been tough on us loyal and proven
      veterans, but we again are hoping for the best.
      It is
      hard to read these posts here ,the jokes,
      condemnation, and pessimism. But, I must say most are
      warranted,as bad as i hate to admit it.
      I have said way to
      much already , so i must close.
      By the way, as a
      LOYAL,PRODUCTIVE employee of the HOUSE, I find Salem's comments on
      here embarrassing and totally out of line. He has
      always been a joke to real lance people, and his
      comments only confirm our feelings. Sorry Salem, no
      offense intended, but you really should stick to your
      flowers !!

    • Obviously you are havin some luck or your doin a
      fantastic job. Thanks we need that spirit here in Tampa. We
      seem to have one light anchor cause we are drifting
      away from those kind of accounts. I dont know how your
      route situation is where you are (maybe you should
      specify)but here we have homepak routes and the production in
      walmarts has gone from minimal to vanished. The who's
      Lance is still asked by everyone unfortunatly. Really
      where are you? you deserve to be in VOICE OF LANCE
      NEWSLETTER and damn them are some high ass average weekly
      sales. I hope you didn't include vending. Is your name
      on the last page? Of one through one hundred. My
      facts are not inaccurate I just didn't specify my
      I love the name them damn crunchy ass chips
      are addictive.

    • Lemon,
      you are totally misleading these yahoos
      about lance salews at walmart, have u ever worked one??
      my area has 4 and all avg. over $700 per week, and
      one avg. $1200, where did u get yer info?? as for
      kmart, we are now in all stores with gondola space ,6
      sheleves@4ft. each. where ya been?? same in all mass merch
      I dont mind yer rantinmg, u even make some good
      points, but don't bullshit the board with inaccurate

    • Is that a compliment? LOL

    • i bet you have a nice ass, and a lil pecker to go with your lil brain, but seriously, love your input.

    • being vague, who has stepped on you. if you want to go into detail e-mail me. or e-mail me maybe we can talk on the phone.

    • If she's related to the Van (born with a silver
      spoon) Avery's or not. Just was informed that some very
      pretty lady was in Charlotte as a look but don't touch
      ASSistant to Mr. Stroup. Lemonekot, you thinking class

    • On Paul's "private stock" on payroll. Has he hired some family members in key positions or what?

    • termination was there target. but after all
      efforts it came down to the at will law and a nice chuck
      of money to keep my mouth shut on certain
      things(here). they still say i stink because i still have a
      handful of shit. Peanut I sense there is something more
      on your mind. Remember one thing I might be able to
      help you with IT ONLY TAKES THREE!

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