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  • sunshine_man101 sunshine_man101 Aug 29, 2001 9:57 PM Flag

    Institutions at their finest.....

    15:54:37 14.349 200 Nasdaq-NM
    15:54:32 14.110 3000 Nasdaq-NM at Bid
    15:51:29 14.110 200 Nasdaq-NM at Bid
    15:38:24 14.160 1000 Nasdaq-NM - Downtick - UPC 71

    Trades from 3:38 P.M. until 4:00 P.M. 4,200 shares were traded at $14.11 or $14.16....then, one 200 share trade took it to $14.349 for a increae of 24 cents at the last moment with a 200 share trade....

    Now this is what I call the good old boys at work; don't you think??? All of a sudden with about 15 minutes of trading left the ask went up from about $14.20 to $14.35....yet, the bid stayed down to around $14.10...they didn't want to buy anymore yet, they wanted to have the ask price up so that they could place a small share trade to get the price back up at the end of the day....

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    • Wow! Where should I begin with all of the disparaging statements made by live in now about the sales reps. Well first off I think that he is either Paul's mom or he has never worked in this business in his life.
      Secondly, sales reps are held accountable for their performance through sales growth, new customers, reduction in stales, etc. So if we are held accountable than why shouldn't management? when revenues increase but profits decrease, how is that the fault of the reps?
      You said that Lance was starting atruck program. What a joke! I n return for providing us witha vehicle Lance will pay us the lofty sum of $150 + 10% commission per week. A rep running $5000 per week would make only$650 per week. How mny routes do you think are actually $5000+ per week? trust me where I am at it's not many. So finally all I have to say is that I resent your attitude towards us reps out here who are doing the right thing growing our routes and busting our humps, but a loser like you thinks that we are the problem. Why don't you work with me for a week and see how you change your tune or are you too big of a coward to face the music.

    • We need a man like you on a route in my area. The sales reps have no confidence in Paul or Richard. There was no service issues untill these two potato heads took over. There has been one failed concept after another. The routes have been re-aligned time and time again. The only results have been to disrupt the sales force which has lead to a disruption of customer service. Business and customers have been lost in the process. If you were a Lance customer used to getting top quality service form the same guy, the same day and at the same time on a weekly basis, then all of a sudden not knowing who is going to show up, or when, how would you feel? I suggest leave the salesman alone and let him build his route. A Lance salesman must sell himself to the customer before he sells Lance product. We do not have endless financial resources like Frito-Lay to buy space, or market the product. I have been in DSD for over 15 years and I can say one thing for certain. When you loose good people, you loose business. I have seen routes drop as much as 25% when one of those "old school status quo welfare seeking routes sales people" retires.

    • Live in now 200, slugphart makes a hell of a lot more sense in his posting than you(with facts); and, probably has more money too!!

    • >>>Where do people get the garbage you post? If you did indeed listen to the conference call you would have heard our primary critic congratulate Paul Stroup on BEATING the analyst predictions.<<<

      Live in now 2000, why didn't any analyst give an upgrade to this stock if they were so impressed?? Could it have to do with debt increasing over 6 million for the quarter?? Maybe you could explain to me how profits increased as Stroup stated when the long-term debt went up over 6 million for the quarter?? No one else has yet!!!

    • What do you think that Lance is called the "House of Lance"??

      >>>Second, please spare me the "who made this company in the first place" crap. The company was made on a manufacturing staff producing a premium product, finance and purchasing keeping controls on cost, trucking moving and product and oh yes, last but not least the sales force delivering product.<<<

      Well, if the sales rep. were not that important and all the other compentents are sooo good; why has Brand Sales not risen in over two years???

      Trust me, the $10 invoices meant more to this company than you think!!!! Why is debt increasing at an alarming there a plan to pay back debt in place? and when?

      >>Have you ever run a multimillion dollar corporation<<<

      For your information, I have not...but, have been in charge of an area that did 20 million dollars worth of Lance's sales. And, could have been in charge of TOTAL SALES at Midwest Biscuit doing around 50 Million in sales...however, turned it down for good reasons!! What about you? Have you ever sold one box of cookies???

      Time will tell who is right and who is wrong....I always heard to don't talk the talk unless you have walked the walk...WELL I HAVE WALKED THE WALK!!!

    • First of all, if you recall the posts leading up to the dividend reduction, the shareholders and the analysts both suggesting dividend reductions to finance new business.

      Second, please spare me the "who made this company in the first place" crap. The company was made on a manufacturing staff producing a premium product, finance and purchasing keeping controls on cost, trucking moving and product and oh yes, last but not least the sales force delivering product. A company's greatness has to do with the sum total of its parts not a single piece of the whole. And the VanEvery's have not had asserted direction in the day to day for over a decade or more so get off of that high over used horse as well.

      Third, the sales force is responsible for the declining sales due to their inability to consistantly maintain customer satisfying levels of service. Oh and now it has to do with $10 dollar invoices? My suggestion is that if a $10 dollar invoice is a proplem with a customer you are wasting valuable time that could be better spent going after new profitable business. When cost of delivery overshadows a miniscule profit then yes adjust the business model to pursue profitable sales growth. Please spare us the unintelligible ON and ON I could go...

      I hear that the commission model for the sales reps has been and is continuing to be improved and that they are pursuing the removal of the truck expense from the rep. Sounds like the management once again is not only listening but executing well researched plans. I tire of people always taking pot shots at a company's management. What an easy place for an arm chair quarterback to lay blame. Have you ever run a multimillion dollar corporation? I thing not. Lance's product still overshadows all competitive product from a quality perspective.

      Lastly, I am not Salem. I am simply a shareholder that has seen this as a strong and safe investment since 95. After losing half of the value of my portfolio due to a heavy interest in technology stocks, I am glad I had some common sense to average down my cost in Lance in the days of under $10/share. I smell the roses just fine rain_man.

    • slugphart (real mature) you sound like one of the old school status quo welfare seeking route people that got this company into the mess the current management is trying to fix by your complete lack of focus on servicing the customer. As a value minded investor following the lead of people like Peter Lynch, I ask stores and consumers about the Lance products. The stores prefer the product if they could only get their rep to show up. And the consumers seem to all prefer the products to those of the competitors. Perhaps I am wrong about you being a current or former employee. Then perhaps you are a member of the competitors that wish Lance would get out of the picture so their inferior products would sell.

    • ZZ, normally you know what it means when you have insiders unloading shares....I will be surprised if there is not a correction in the share price in the near future...but, only time will tell. The way that this stock is traded sometimes makes me wander....

      And, you will notice that Lance has no intentions of a share repurchase, you know what they think of the share price...

    • It's difficult for me to justify this price, after looking at the insider trading going on. It seems that everyone is jumping ship. Nancy, Richard, and several others have filed to sell, or have sold their shares in the last two months. Why is this? If management hopes to increase the stock price, let them step up to the plate for some buying of LNCE. C'mon, Tuck, Paul, pony up!!

    • ZZbiggs, I have been buying all the way up from $9. I will keep putting money in LNCE every other Tuesday, until it reaches $17 and then hold for about 18 months. I have been using this same approach for a couple other non-tech stocks. It has worked well so far this year.


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