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  • jffle120 jffle120 Sep 4, 2012 1:49 PM Flag

    My apology..

    I did not mean to stir up the message board and cause any anger. I do own a little vpro so occasionally I peak at the message board. I bought at much high price and since have completely lose faith in the the stock and i'm not as savy as the average traders,so i assume most people are honest. Only doing it as a hobby and hoping to pick up a few bucks here and there to help pay the rent although I have not had much luck. Anyways I hope the stock goes up as some people on this board seem to think. In the mean time it appears I need to do more learning on trading techniques and how to become profitable doing it. Anyone has any recommendation? Anyways I have been looking at MIMV and thinking of putting in a few thousand. The stock seems to be picking up volumne and from what I learnt it's pretty promising. Peace out GL to the average investor out there.