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  • the_raven_36 the_raven_36 Feb 4, 2006 10:18 AM Flag

    I apologize

    for all the terrible things I have posted here. I recently went through a difficult time with my finances and i tried to vent through this and several other mesage boards. Even though this may not be believed, I am sorry and apologize to all that I have offended.

    I am on medication and depending on whether I have taken it, I may resort to bashing again. Believe me this is the real me..the nice one.

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    • i think raven is right.i am in at 1.30 and i am so sick about this stock, the dilution terrible for retail investors, the veo gets 1 mm + stock options, which is about 5% of the company revenues, and this stock hasn't have a positive cash flow since it started.
      for gods sake sell,...don't make yourself sick, many people act as if a stock is a tumor they can't get rid of...sell fro chrissake stop comin here whining about about bad, bad, bfly///insane...

    • This stock just closed at $1.00. 12 days (allegedly) before they report what most people here think will be GREAT earnings.

      You are ALL in denial.

      Soros' DD probably DOES exceed my own...after all, he's an 80% insider. However, I can move in and out of BFLY WHEN I WANT TO...HE CAN'T.

      Awfully DUMB bet to make in a stock like this...all his DD aside, HE'S STUCK.


    • Oh he's wrong a few more shares than that...try about 55 million more shares.

      Sure love it when the people who try to make you look bad don't have their facts straight.

      A couple of things, genius. First, he bought into the company for the first time at about $10 a share (check filings/press releases in 1999). He's probably averaged down to about $4 a share or so...maybe a little lower. Second, he's started selling shares (check June 2005 filings), so I'm pretty sure he's about as sick of this investment as I am. Third...if you think Soros actually follows this investment, you are likely sadly mistaken. He's in for what, $50-$60 million or so...maybe more? It's big, but probably not even as big as 3% of his Quantum funds' holdings, and maybe about 1% of his wealth, if that.

      Oh, and Soros, and even Warren Buffett, has made bad investments before. The difference is Buffett leaves himself outs...Soros doesn't.

      Now, the next time you want to better have your facts straight.

      Your stock is at $1.02 right now. 4Q05 looks great...why is it down?

      Yeah, I'm wrong. LOL. Why do I folks can't hold a candle to me.


    • good post!!