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  • ccbrf ccbrf May 3, 2012 12:10 PM Flag

    IP-Vringo worth billions$$$$

    with the new merge

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    • Apache116, good point/question. I can't really speak to any substantive similarities between VRNG's lawsuit and VHC's, as I am not familiar with the underlying security-related patents that are the subject of VHC's lawsuit, nor would I be able to guess as to the value of those patents. In my opinion though, I do think Vringo has a more favorable venue (Virginia for Vringo vs. Texas for VHC).

      Logistically - in terms of the way I think things will proceed-I def agree with you the two are very similar. As I implied in an earlier post, if you are long VRNG because you are betting on the patents, none of the volatile trading we have seen recently matters (in my opinion)l. I believe things start to matter after the judge issues a ruling on the Markman Hearing. I believe a favorable Markman ruling for VRNG will be the catalyst for settlement. This appears to be exactly what happened in VHC (as you obviously are aware) - on the 26th, news came out the Judge issued a favorable Markman ruling for VHC, Then today, one week after the ruling, VHC settled with Aastra , one of the defendants (still 6 left!) and VHC was up over 22%. If VRNG does get a favorable Markman ruling (remember, the hearing is on June 4th, but the judge won't issue a ruling until July or August I think), I don't necessarily know if settlement will occur that quickly for VRNG, but I'm long the stock bc I think it will happen eventually, and when it does, I think the stock could spike as high if not higher. THat's just my opinion though, and I'm no patent expert. That said, I admit that if Vringo does not make some sort of announcement shortly after the June 4th hearing (but before the ruling) proclaiming how they think things went well, etc. I will be worried. I typically don't invest without doing fundamental/technical analysis, but i couldn't resist the upside on this one. Best of luck!

    • Haha...good point ljfude.

    • Heck, he can't play video games, it's over his head. Minimum wage job is all he can handle.

    • Sadly, you don't understand how Warrants and Options operate so dilution is nothing but a word for you.

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