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  • debbie.delray debbie.delray Jul 26, 2012 5:39 PM Flag


    Just want to clarify a common misunderstanding that is prevalent in a lot of PUMPER posts on here.

    The vote FOR approving a R/S PASSED at the shareholder meeting.

    Management released a PR saying they would not be effecting a reverse split, but it IS on the table if necessary.

    I'm not trying to instill fear or uncertainty with this post, but I find it pretty shameful that some of the long posters on here are not aware, or intentionally deceiving others posting that this was voted down.

    Disclosure: LONG, controlling MANY shares right now. Swing trading LONG. Considering shorting as protection/profit op for these dips.

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    • I truly believe that there is no need for a reverse split. I believe the War Chest is to acquire more patents and there is only one company I see worth the investment. Stout is a major player and NLP may be the the target of acquisition. It seems as if the goal of VRINGO is to be the license provider to monetizing mobile and advertisement. Just a thought. Based on who is involved and investor presentation it makes sense. Just keep doing what you are doing making money and still holding a front row seat.

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      • Thanks I will do what I do. I just want to reinforce that people are spreading lies when they say R/S was voted down.

        This is a speculative stock. Nothing is locked.

        I was really thrilled to see HCSKNIGHT or whatever back the other day. He knows what's up.

        All these posts hating on shorts get old for me because it takes shorting to make a market on these stocks as much as it is annoying and what not.

        If you are confident in your investment or position, then why waste your time all day bashing bashers? If you spread lies in that effort, you are no better than the bashers.

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