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  • frankomd frankomd Aug 29, 2012 11:25 PM Flag

    Vringo is a Black Swan

    I strongly believe Vringo is a Black Swan. Google may think they see it, but they really don't. A Black Swan event is difficult to see coming, easier to rationalize after the fact. With the correct outcome here, Vringo has the potential to change Google, search, mobile, and mobile ads. Now that's a Black Swan if I've ever seen one. And it will undoubtedly be a Black Swan for all of us invested.


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    • A Vringo win will be a Black Swan event. There will be many unforseen consequences, not just for Vringo, Google, and us investors, but elsewhaere in the IT and mobile landscapes. It's those unexpected results that make it a Black Swan.

    • Awesome

    • I think you are an idiot. VRNG is a black swan? What does't Google see the complaint? The motions? The trial date? Google sees it and they are doing what any company would do with a patent troll, fighting it. VRNG has no chance and every intelligent investor knows this. ITs for this reason the stock goes down on every positive article. It goes down when Altucher says Google going to 0. It goes down when Seekign Suckas comes out with an article, positive or negative. VRNG can't even hold its secondary price of 3.25. Brace yourself for summary judgment. VENG will no doubt talk of appeal but by that time it will be sub 1 dollar.

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      • Short eh? Care to elaborate on how they have "no chance and every intelligent investor knows this"? Do you honestly think that every "intelligent" investor has taken the time to read the patents in this case? Do you think Don Stout is not an intelligent investor? Or Mark Cuban? (OK maybe not him) Or the investors that just bought the most recent offering at $3.25? Do you honestly believe that Andrew Lang would go to Lycos and buy back these patents if he didn't know there was something there? If there was no chance to win then why did AOL partially settle? Why wasn't GOOG able to get the case dismissed long ago because of prior art? Why did GOOG lose the Markman ruling? Why is GOOG trying to admit well known prior art at such a late stage?

        Please provide some actual facts to back your argument otherwise go away because you're nothing but a basher at this point.

    • Bumping up

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      • watch out for dumb dumb bums on here talking about summary judgement.

        I bet you if we went back years on the VHC Board they would have said the same things...

        'Microsoft will get summary judgement'

        VHC was probably having lots of short interest people skeptical that it could be pulled off and it was DONE.

        100$ million is lower so it takes more effort for bigger cases...

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