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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Oct 17, 2012 5:40 PM Flag

    Will vringo morph into a loser like IDCC, or will they sign an agreement, and become a winner ?


    They just lost their first chance at signing before the trial started. The judge has already voided international -non-us sales. He also voided treble damages. Google, and now ZTE will wear VRNG down. if you think VRNG can withstand 2 years of courts and appeals, without raising more capital, and more stock dilution, you are sadly mistaken. IDCC has spent well over 100 million dollars fighting Nokia for 3g since 2006. They fought nokia for 2g for years before that. Before we sit here, and start analyzing court decisions, remember that we are here for an agreement, not to watch a trial. Sign an agreement, and do what you have promised your shareholders. No one says you have to hold out for every stinking dime. You could take 1/10 of what you are asking, and maybe some people are disappointed. But you saved millions in lawyers fees, and you can buy or develop more patents now, and grow the company. Solving google allows you to fixate on your other court case ZTE, and prepare your research for the next company after that. Right now, IDCC has over half the 4g market and will soon have half the 3g market in court as well. And for years they dummied down their research and development and stagnated. They could have been ten times the company they are now, had they accepted lessor amounts years ago. Does that sound like a company you want to mimic ? LISTEN TO ME. WHOEVER IS TELLING YOU TO HOLD OUT FOR EVERYTHING, IS A FREAGEN IDIOT, AND SHOULD BE LOCKED UP. OR ELSE HE IS A LAWYER WHO WOULD RATHER SEE 2 YEARS OF COURTS RATHER THAN A MUCH SMALLER CHECK FOR A SETTLEMENT NOW. GET THOSE G.D. LAWYERS OUT OF THE ROOM FOR A DAY, AND THINK ABOUT IT. YOU ARE HERE FOR THE SHAREHOLDERS. TAKE A LOOK AT LAST WEEKS LEGAL BILL. ITS PROBABLY 100,000K PLUS, JUST FOR ONE WEEK.. LAWYERS DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT GROWING BUSINESSES. YOU NEED MONEY TO GROW A BUSINESS. SIGN THE AGREEMENT NOW. I dont want to be here, for the next 2 years, thinking we had a management team that was agressiive and smart, and find out later they are flamers like idcc mangement.

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