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  • oatbtc oatbtc Oct 18, 2012 7:15 PM Flag

    Suggestion to Percyway

    If you provide any more court updates I suggest start a new thread for each update, and a brief title with a sequential number. For example:

    19 Oct Update 1 (or 19Oct 11AM Update 1 ...)
    19 Oct Update 2
    22 Oct Update 1

    Just a thought. Thanks for the updates.

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    • Yes and please tell us if any of the jurors have big #$%$,,,, really the board is for conversation not for investment decisions and analism. Do some DD dude if your that uncomfortable

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    • What the hell is the matter with you? He doesn't work for you and if you keep pushing him more and more, he will just walk. He's doing all of us a favor and if you need translation for what he is providing, hire your own lawyer. In fact, Percyway, why don't you fill us in in Japanese or Swahili to just tick off our employer even more!

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    • dem2112 Oct 18, 2012 8:05 PM Flag

      Seriously! He doesn't need to do anything you boneheads! Be grateful for what he is doing. I am sure he doesn't have much time do to the nature of the trial and the short breaks in between. For Christ sakes the posts are not that hard to navigate through!

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    • I agree with the suggestion. Easier to follow real-time.

      And a thank you from me!

      Don't let up. Keep it coming!

    • Also, I suggest a once-a-day update exclusively about that "cute juror" you mention from other thread.

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      • Sometimes, I am just starring at her ;). Again, watching from a distance and up close could be all different story....for good or bad. I hope it's not illegal to appreciate someone's beauty in a court ;)

        Well, Let me look into your suggestions....Also, I want to thank Steve Kim who has created a base for better understanding of this case. I have seen people bashing him. I respect him for his knowledge and let's not forget what he has done. Steve and I are different individuals. I am a legal novice (i.e no legal background but I have good "sixth sense" which helps me :) ). I just want to set realistic expectations from me. Please don't put me where I don't belong.

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