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  • golffromtheblue golffromtheblue Oct 18, 2012 10:10 PM Flag

    There is a lot of thinking Googles legal team (Corporate Office) will be doing between now and Monday

    ALL of these companies have smart people, expert analysis, and a long history in the business. IF they have felt VRNG has valid patents and credibility, I am certain an offer would of already been presented before now. I do not expect a buyout. Jury will decide, VRNG will continue on as VRNG. Just being realistic.

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    • good points however, credibilty will be determined by the court. any smart company would wait to see the validitiy first before investing. It pure risk mitigation. Even the smartest companies cannot determine the judgement in the case, they present the facts and do their best and the jury decides. Would you buy patents before they were proven in a court of law as being worthy. This why vrng will be litigating to find out th value of the patents some may fly and others not so much. But, when gold is found others might invest

      Sentiment: Hold

    • i dont think any other companies are interested in buying vringo. Have not heard a thing about it except for here. Other companies are not in th i/P business and are not interested
      in getting involved in court cases. It is a risky business and they have other things that they are focused on. Why bother? They look at patents as a cost not a money maker unless they have developed them in house. probably dont want the stigma of Patent troll either. Would
      not want to tarnish their good names with such dirty dealings lol. Nor would they be in a rush to #$%$ off google either I don't imagine. Why go kick a grizzly bear who can make life miserable for you if you don;t really need to do it? Although Apple and msft have lots of money and could take them on. Do they really want to do that? Is it really worth it to them to engage them over this? I dont think so. If it were then they likely would have done it already.

      Sentiment: Buy

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