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  • edward.drossman edward.drossman Oct 23, 2012 2:59 PM Flag

    VRINGO will be a $5 stock regardless of court outcome - Patents + Video: VIDEO DATING, VIDEO MESSAGING, 3G, 4G

    If they win this case and all of its appeals it could be a $20 stock. If Vringo loses it will go to 0 because everyone will know its got nothing. Winning the suit will give the company credbility and it should shoot up. I’m surprised that CNBC, Fox business Bloomberg aren’t covering this case more. This case can forcast the future of Google. Why would vringo be a $5 stock if they lose this case. If they lose this case the only thing they are hanging their hat on will be gone.

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    • Not possible. This stock was $1.20 before patent suit and patent purchase from Nokia. So try doing the math after $1.20 with the added assets. So many think that if they loose this case their technology disappears. That is for very simple minded thinkers. I have been doing this a long time and know valuable technology. It isn't a matter of if they win as to how much this is worth. 80% on this board agrees, or no one would be buying the stock. I bought at $1.20 so I know more than most.

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      • So then why isn’t Vringo a $5 stock now? They hold the Nokia patents now? And if Nokia’s patents are such a home run why aren’t the patent they hold in this trial against google a home run also? Nothing is easy. Fact is people like Google use it often and their feelings about Google might help get google off. Lose this trial and Vringo will be a $1 stock because we will learn that even if you have patents winning cases of patent infrindgement isn’t easy. If Vringo loses trial they will be very simalar to a company called Tucows which never trades over $1. Regarding buying at $1.20, yeah they can buy at $1.20 and sell the first time they can do it. Buying at $1.20 would be great. I would too and then sell it at $4.50 right away.

      • If you bought at $1.20 why are you still holding it? Go to and you’ll see that those who bought at $1.20 sold at $4-5 so it looks like insiders don’t think the stock should trade above 5

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