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  • flipmcf flipmcf Oct 24, 2012 11:01 PM Flag

    Percyway / Mikehd scam artists or not?

    The info really looked good. Maybe a bit long heavy, but reports were, at least when Percy was there, accountable and were independly verified.

    I also didn't mind sending him $3.50 for his troubles. I figured he was long anyway.

    But now the rumors, and the word 'scam artist' coming out of someone's mouth (who I also don't quite trust yet) have made me wonder.

    Looking through the posts, I don't see any credible evidence that it was a scam. I also have slightly more evidence that the information is real.

    I don't think I'm giving him any more money... but I'm yet to be convinced he is a 'scam artist'

    any non-bashing, non-name calling, intelligent evidence to either side?

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    • Yesterday, I was emotional. I wanted to blame anyone but myself for my own trades and own decisions to own this stock (and buy another 100 shares at 5.05). I bumped this post saying my opinion changed and I said they were now looking like scam artists.

      I totally take this back. It was wrong. Mike reported correct news, and anyone who listened avoided yesterday's value disaster.

      My apologies to Mike and Percy. The have done nothing but truthful reporting. Maybe slightly biased to the long side, but still... always good info.

      I hope in the future to not post emotional bashes against people who are honestly trying to help.

      Again, my apologies.

    • rocketsaway Oct 31, 2012 1:32 PM Flag

      Look... Mike heard something in court... that pertained to only if willful infringement were to ever be sought after by the plaintiff. That any trable damages would be limited to Sep 2011 and forward.

      But... Mike accidentally thought it pertained to all of the past damages... which would have greatly affected investors ability to make any substantial money in this binary decision stock. So cut him some slack... he never said he was a lawyer, just an average guy telling you what he heard.

      Besides... it was the money maker in there driving the price way down at the time.

    • After today, I vote YES!!!!!! Going to be tough to come back from this one guys.

      They had 4 days to plan out something.

    • I believe it was a 'scam' in the following way:
      1. Orginally 'free', then donations, then pay $6.00... almost sounds like how a 'pusher' starts.
      2. Much of the information is available on the web, through many sources. Maybe not as quickly, as someone who his pulling this together in an 'executive report', that we think is first hand, but it is out there.
      3. Others, actually have been quicker with some details, BEFORE them...

    • Not.

    • 1000 shares x 20% x 3.5% = $7. If thats a scam we are all in trouble

    • I don't mind paying but I sent a small donation his way. I sent him an email if he can shoot me a few on the house...

      Sure would be nice to get that text message win or lose at the moment... now that would be worth a nice "tip"

      Sentiment: Hold

    • I don't believe they are scamming. It sounds like they were driving a significant distance and taking time off work so I can understand the donation requests. However, I have donated $40 to the cause so glad that the trial end is in sight. Today Mike was able to stop afternoon rumors that the jurors had been sent home when he posted on a break. I'm more appreciative of the mid day YMB updates that quell rumors than the write ups at times! ...and those quick updates are free lol

      Sentiment: Hold

    • This post on the percyway blog is still 'awaiting moderation' - once I found out it was a pay-per-read

      flipmcf says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      October 24, 2012 at 5:17 pm
      Dude. Must pay? After I freely donated knowing only your email address, before this wordpress blog went up?

      Sorry if I’m sour. I should have seen this coming.

      I think you and mike are doing an awesome job, but please don’t pig out on profits from this info… please? Don’t go to the dark side.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • It's a shame that we won't be getting free credible updates anymore. I hope that somebody will provide free credible updates for the latter part of the trial, especially when it comes to delivering a verdict.

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