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  • aiwgolfer aiwgolfer Oct 30, 2012 11:19 AM Flag

    Is anyone concerned over motion for judgment filed today by all defendants?

    If judge grants motion, case over.

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    • You can ask be cause the law allows you too, but the answer is still no.

      This is a procedural move, just as we saw when the plaintiffs rested their case. Highly improbable judge would grant a dismissal.

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    • Not at all.

    • It worked I got so scared from your posts I sold all my VRNG stock today.....

    • NO

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    • "If judge grants motion, case over."

      That's incorrect. For two reasons:

      1) The Motion for Judgment as a Matter of Law ( short for JMOL) was procedural, filed before the Jury deliberation. If the court grants the motion, it basically means that there're certain grounds that must be covered by the opposing party. Only when the opposing party agrees with such a motion, the case would be over.

      So, VRGN will surely have more to say about it. It should indicate that the trial go longer than what SteveKim predicted.

      It just seems it's been too easy, since Google was either so ill-prepared or having such a weak case. I'm certain VRNG team more than sufficiently covered those grounds in pre-trial sessions, and thus didn't even get to go through those during the trial. Now, it's only a matter of time - to recall some witnesses to the trial.

      2) the JMOL only disputes the dates from 2004 - 2010. In other words, even if VRNG would simply agree with the JMOL, the case can still go on to jury verdict for year 2011 to 2019, when the first patent expires according the filing date. Basically, Google has conceded the infringement. The disagreement is in the royalty rates and starting dates. And that is what this JMOL is about.

      Nothing to worry about.

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      • What I see is Google grasping at straws and perhaps trying to create something else that they may use to base an appeal upon later. Regardless the judge has previously ruled in Vringo's favor in the past on the issue of the patents reaching back. So I do not see him changing that ruling as essentially nothing notable has changed or been offered into evidence to support that contention. Google is in a very hard spot and they are losing this case by all accounts. They are feeling the heat and this is merely an actof desperation and will be seen as such. It will likely be identified as such by Vringo as well in their response.

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    • I am extremely concerned that the jury awards a very low award do to this very defense. I am reminded of the windshield wiper award of 5 million when the auto companies made tons more violating a patent. I am also very concerned that Google must be confident they will not be found egregious in violation simply because it would be the height of stupidity for them to let this go to a jury if they felt there was any chance of having the book throne at them. Their shareholders would be furious if they passed on buying vringo or settling if this case costs them a billion or more.

    • I said in an earlier post that shortie ziocara would be bringing his SHORTIE friends. Must had hit the panic button, eh shorts. Wouldn't want to be you short fools! HAH, LONG VRNG

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    • Re: judgment filed. They tried to do this already with a summery judgement and the judge turned them down. I don’t know why you guys go to extremes. Vringo isn’t going to $100 or even $30 if they win the case. If they win and go t 15-20, I’ll be happy. Heck I’ll be happy with $10.

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    • We should be concerned with all motions, but remember that Google has withheld information, and does not seem to have won favor with anyone in the courtroom, I think the judge will let the jury decide on this as well as the other issues. Beware VRNG has not finished dropping bombs, the issue of Unger's reprimand by Judge Posner still stand out there!

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