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  • joethesnaker joethesnaker Nov 3, 2012 9:58 AM Flag

    LADY JURORS--if they stole your family cake recipe and won a million dollar bakeoff with it...

    same idea..bigger issue....

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    • Not really since Vringo didn't create the recipe - they bought it and then waited until 5 years after the contest and that is if the jury even finds that Google fact using your analogy maybe the cakes are almost exact but the jury can't unanimously decide that the recipes are identical.

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      • The infringement is against the Patent, not the owner of the Patent. Why is this so hard to understand?

        The Judge made a deliberate decision concerning the laches in order to drive both parties to settlement either before or after Jury findings as well as push this case to the Circuit Court of Appeals for a higher ruling - if Vringo choses to appeal - because of the nature of this case.

        It should be noted that it was a given that Google would appeal based on both Matter of Law and Award. Now Vringo has cause to appeal on Matter of Law, which actually puts pressure on Google to settle. Google would be unwise to let the decision on laches go to the Court of Appeals.

        The owners of the Patent were the creators of the Patent. They developed the Intellectual Property for the Patent and were awarded the Patent by the USPTO. They subsequently sold their firm to Lycos. Lang then left Lycos and subsequently purchased back the Patent.

        Google, at the time, did not disclose the methodology for applying ads to search engine results which increased their Ad revenue by at least 20% by Googles own admission. Therefore neither Lycos - or any other search engine of the period - knew how Google has accomplished this, and it put Google in a dominate position.

        Subsequent Patent filings by Google then referenced Lang,, in their own Patents and at this point their methods became known. I/P engine - which owned the Patents - then sued Google and were subsequently bought out by Vringo.

        Google - and many other search engines - have had an opportunity to buy Vringo, but Vringo has a long term strategy with their Patent portfolio that will allow them to grow without further VC funding while at the same time developing and implementing their own technologies in the market place. This does not prevent a hostile take over though.

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