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  • bobbyn77479 bobbyn77479 Nov 6, 2012 8:48 PM Flag

    Last time I gamble

    People like you shouldn't be in the stock market. You are not smart enough. If you look at the curve over the past 5 days, you will see that this stock was at ~$2.50 on Friday. Did you buy then? If not, you really had not faith and you have no reason to #$%$. Did you take profits off the table when it went to 5,50++? If not, you are pretty dumb. You were looking for an easy 5 bagger. Tough to come by. 2 something tomorrow is an invitation to buy. You won't, so you are a loser. Meet iggy.

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    • Romney in a landslide. Watch and learn. Yes another one of your stupid posts. Hopefully you ignore me you #$%$.!!!!!!

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    • Some people should really look back at their past posts ( Like You.) and the way they talk they have NEVER lost money in the market. How the #$%$ can you say someone is not smart. Great to sell at the high buy at the low lend me your crystal ball will ya. Oh you don't have a crystal ball you have the curve. Idiot.!!!!!!!!!!

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