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  • peteharmisan peteharmisan Nov 9, 2012 8:48 PM Flag


    If I'm just your average retail investor and happen to come across this stock, do my DD and read up on the case, the boards, etc. what could you tell me to convince me that this is going to take off? Remember, I've already done my DD and saw this stock had a lot of promise, rising on hype potential (high expectations), then:

    1. Secondary offering of 45M
    2. Stock loses 20% pps
    3. No settlement, goes to trial
    4. Things look good in trial until the laches ruling
    5. Verdict comes out below expectations and the stock drops more

    6. High short float % with a lot of MM and daytrader manipulation (which are the REAL winners here)
    7. Mass confusion amongst shareholders; no one knows what the F the judge is doing or where he's at, no timeline of final ruling. IMO I really think the 35% royalties on the other defendants may be drastically REDUCED. Who really thinks that's a reasonable rate, honestly?
    8. It's anybody's guess as to when the judge will rule and when he does, all bets are off. This guy is a loose cannon, shoot from the hip modern day cowboy. It wouldn't surprise me if he gave a final ruling of 3.5% across the board for all defendants using 17M x 5 yrs for a total of 85M and it wouldn't surprise me if he ruled for a total in excess of 1B.

    Overall, from what I've seen, the stock could be worth anywhere from $1 to as much as $10. But, one thing's for sure, this will be manipulated left and right until that final ruling, which is week, next month? As far as settlement or buyout; not going to happen. Both sides are dug in too hard to let go now, there's no love lost between these 2. A settlement would have occurred before trial; as far as a buyout, don't you think VHC would be the 1st one to be scooped up? And why hasn't that happened? No large cap wants to be associated with a patent troll.

    Taking everything above into consideration, why would an average retail investor want to go long on this? The best bet looks to daytrade long AND short.

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    • If you did your DD you would have realized that a jury has found that VRNG owns a patent that GOOG makes mist of it's money on. We're just waiting for the judge to affirm this. With all the setbacks and supposed disappointments investors are holding until this affirmation comes. Then it's off to the races. VRNG is now a monitization company. That money has little debt and overhead and now there are a lot of companies that are going to get in line quickly to pay royalties. I hope the stock doubles before next Friday. Btw every one of your posts are pretty pathetic at best. IMO you couldn't manipulate your angry little inch the way you would like. What makes you think you can manipulate a market? By Friday you'll need to cover and if you have Dec puts.. Haha

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    • I have alot of respect for this comment. Pete is right so far, the news has mostly been in favor for the VRNG shorts. I sold 1/3 of my position at 3.63 yesterday knowing this will go down. The reason was believe it or not PETE HARMISON stated that it was a sucker rally. He was 100% correct, there was no reason for VRNG to spike yesterday (all speculation). He was telling the truth. I know shorts are not always correct, however this applies to longs. I am long 3K shares in a seperate account and have been day trading VRNG on the side. There is alot of money to be made (day trading) between 3.38-3.43 or whatever price range during that day.

      side note: Congrats to anyone who bought ARNA when it tanked yesterday. Today's rally was huge. I am looking into ISIS and ARNA for any pullbacks. Anything below 7.90 for ISIS is a strong buy for a trade!

      Sentiment: Hold

    • If you'd already done your DD, you'd know that the Markman ruling came out in VRNG's favor. The outcome of the trial , IMO, was set in stone at that point.
      1) Secondary offering was completed in order to put VRNG in a position of strength, letting all know that they were able to take the suit to trial without fear of running low on funds. This is exactly what happened. The secondary offering had almost no impact on the PPS as the shares were gobbled up immediately.

      2). The stock spiked up and down several times before the trial, including new 52 week high when SMJ was denied. No big deal, we all new it was highly speculative and would be volatile until the facts were ruled upon.

      3)Going to trial not necessarily bad for Vringo...just depends on how you see things playing out. Google being stubborn, but it wasn't wise on their part. They ended up losing the trial and may get bit for even more than the jury has already laid down. Another loss for the "stellar" Google legal team.

      Google got smoked throughout the trial...all of the updates out of Edvacourt and Mike were spot on, nothing they said did not come to pass just as it was presented. The laches ruling was viewed as negative by most investors, and it was one point in the proceedings where Vringo looked to come out on the short end. However, we now know that the laches ruling may have been a tool used by the Judge to prevent an appeal. In the meantime, its possible the Judge's ruling could incease the payment to VRNG . This part is speculative, but even if it doesn't play out that way, VRNG makes $600 million in royalties over the next 5 yrs.

      5) Simple answer..."Sell the news". Small cap manipulation is the norm, shakes out the speculators and allows the big money to get more cheap shares. The real move in a patent dispute never comes on the initial pop, if there is one. Several weeks to a month or two and the stock begins to climb toward its true value based on current valuation, future prospects, ect...same happened to VHC. (Please don't tell us how different the two are...if one is a patent troll, both are... and neither are, both have legitimate patents that were infringed, and Lang was the creator of the VRNG patents. It doesn't matter how they came back into his hands, the property is his and Google had to pay to use it. Now, so will Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo, ect...)

      6) I would buy any big dips, otherwise hold for a decent move upward over the next month or so. By the way, shorts suck, they aren't investors, only manipulators. Have fun bashing and being a general doosh bag.

    • Short vhc leave vrng alone vhc = vrng

    • Ok here's one- you are bashing as always, this time a bit more skillfully than the usual vulgarity, trying to increase uncertainty. I did like your symbol picture after one big up day, pretty funny. You probably don't even have any shares long or short, just another guy gettin paid for each response. So here's a buck.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • wow. that was a reasonable post and a decent read - which is surprising because you're usually the guy ranting nonsense all the time. It's too bad too because most people who would like to debate the position you put forward here have probably placed you on their ignore list. Post more like this and the board wouldn't be so based to the long side.

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