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  • vringostarr vringostarr Nov 14, 2012 6:05 PM Flag

    You heard it straight from Andrew...

    No decision for 2 to 8 weeks. I told everyone the CC would be a non event. Might see $3.20 on the share price tomorrow as people will loose sight of the pot of gold that is yet to come, get impatient and sell. I'll just sit back with another cocktail, stay long and wait for my ship to come in. Are you with me longs?

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    • vringostarr: With you the CC was a non-event, and With you on another cocktail. However not with you in articulation of discerning management public comments and this is percieved. With my years of endless pre-meeting meetings with attorneys before similar corporate meetings, ALL of managements' comments were possessed by 'no comment' brain washing. I've had it before, they go the rundown from their attorneys stating basically if any of you so desire as to even elevate your tone with excitement or arrogance, I can assure you it will negatively affect a Federal one-year trail they just won.....with a Retiring Judge preparing to leave his mark.

      Why risk it? Why not state anything other than the Judge can take as long as he wants? That's what they did. Everything, literally can and will be used against them by 0-2 Quinn [Apple, Google]- so Lang gets on the CC and says "we have this one in the bag, looking at my watch its only a matter of time" and Quinn will shove that one in front of the Judge.

      Management showed they're, for both of us longs, a real-deal protecting our financial interest by not exposing their emotions, cards, or hand. That's what you heard straight from Andrew, he's with us by playing his cards under the gun and leaves Judge Jackson to respectfully put the truth in its place.

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      • I agree Mr. User and totally respect your comments and experience with these matters. That IS what I meant when I said it would be a non event. I was at the last 3 days of the trial and, believe me, you are right. The last thing they wanna do is PO that judge. VRNG won and they no it. Let JJ take all the time he wants (and I believe it will be sooner than Andrew indicated) and 500 to 700 million is coming are way. GLTA

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    • already I read between the lines a little more than I should but I believe that Apple and Yahoo paperwork for lawsuits are already drafted. Long now, buying when they drop it Thursday and long till Vringo is acquired. GL all.

    • I bought this for one reason and one reason only I thought this would be the stock of the decade and NOTHING HAS CHANGED PPL NOTHING!! I still believe this baby will be the stock of all stocks, What did ppl really think would be said today lol But just wait til we get the ruling from JJ ( and it will not be months that's just stupid why? cause he's retiring that's why it won't be months) and all this nonsense on the MB will go away.So if you can afford it just put it away and forget about it.Time is on our side longs we have a good team at vrng they know what they're doing and payday is right around the corner. GLTA and GOD BLESS
      That's just my two cents
      Not pumping
      I've been here for 9 months not going anywhere.

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    • Yes, but with a green tea with honey. And I'll be busy Christmas shopping for all my grand daughters for the next few weeks anyway, It'll pay off for the longs. That's a given.

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    • Nov 6th was the verdict and its already one week over. Tomorrow is the 2nd week...

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    • More like $2.20. And you better hope they get more than the jury gave them at the end of the 3 months you held at a loss.

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    • I missed most of the CC as I was hunting. However I am not surprised that they don't know when the judge
      will rule on this. he will first have to wade through all of the motions and answer those. Then perhaps he will call people in and tell them his ruling. Maybe another week or two and we hear something.
      Was there any mention of a buyout offer from anyone at all? Any indication how the company and the BOD feels about that issue?

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    • IMO people got into this to make a quick buck. The weak hands will get shook off (again). I'm not going anywhere. If you turn your back on this one, you'll wish that you hadn't, for sure!

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      • this is for sure. the potential to make money here is huge. I have never seen this good of a chance to really get ahead like this personally. Aside from the apple stock I bought a couple years ago that is.
        but this one has even greater potential for people because it is just a child. This merger along with the Nokia patents is going to make Vringo a cash cow for many years to come. I will be very happy to pick up the milk checks as they come in!!!! I might sell a thousand shares when it takes off and then i will own the rest for pennies per share. Awesome opportunity for anyone!!!!

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      • I knew I could count on you Sarge!

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    • Complete misinterpretation. The judge could rule tomorrow. It's more likely he'll rule this week than next. He has no reason to wait. Turnaround has typically been within a week or so.

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      • Agree. Saying the judge will decide soon would be foolish. It could be interpreted by the judge as them trying to in him in to a corner. Plus under promise and over sell is the right thing to do here. if they said the opposite and the date they predicted came and went they would have a credibility issue.

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    • I am 73,000 shares and long. I will remain this way till the judge makes his final ruling and most likely beyond.

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