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    Of course, if anybody thinks Vringo (VRNG) will stop there, THINK AGAIN!

    More lawsuits of large companies to come soon!

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    • Right after the jury verdict, James Altucher valued the stock at a pps of between $8 & 9. If they appeal the laches that would ad another $500 million, but as Steve Kimlaw stated that will take a year if it happens at all. If it did, that would put us up to $12. Both ZTE cases are worth $220 million each over the 7 year period that the patents are valid. so adding in another $450 million, should get us to $20 to 30 pps over the next six months. If the announce another Lang patent case against say Yahoo or Microsoft who know how high it could go $50+

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • No not yet, and I foresee analyst struggling with this one after it reaches $5. Quit honestly, the focus of PPS will likely weigh more on the merger acquisition side privately, with potential 1. buyers of Vringo and 2. Mergers with Nokia. The clauses are thick with what Vringo can and can't do with NOK's 35% cut.

      With that said, from a logic perspective- Vringo has listed nearly 20 companies infringing on the dust collecting Nokia patents (well...patents that Nokia hasn't had the time/energy/manpower or David Cohen now at Vringo to litigate) that are likely targets. Let's just go with Thompson Reuters extremely conservative preview at 1% of ZTE's market give or take $400 million cash flow. I've reviewed all of Vringo's legal team background- you should as well. They don't lose. They don't go after companies unless they are 120% convinced they have a 120% case. But let's be conservative for 13' presume court will obviously uphold running royalty from recent win, Chinese cave and settle with Vringo/Nok to not loose a top German market, England/UK simultaneous settlement + outlier countries i.e. one big global settlement (put ZTE's paranoia someone will make public they've been blatantly, in unregulated form stealing from Nokia for a decade)- that will move annual cash flow from these two cases give or take $250 million in most extreme modest form. It's coming, AIG knows it...why we're seeing institutional with safe-guard funds coming in. It's been inevitable for years the gold rush of invisible capitalism i.e. zeros and ones with computers and wireless telecom will one day offer land deeds, and companies won't be able to just dig for gold on someone else's land.

      That's why with Vringo and Nokia's partnership- it's impossible to put a price target- there's just too much of that pie in the sky talk, because really the company has too many possibilities. Like I said earlier this morning, start with the Chinese (settle for honor and public image in Europe), move on to the next few Chinese companies, then Asian, then rest of market with initial settlement cash flow.

      By this time, Vringo and Nokia will already be receiving M/A offers. Google (ironically) bought MOT mobility for $11 billion I recall for a dusty patent vault play. Well- they're are 500 in the NOK deal, nearly 40 of them are defined as critical infrastructure to global telecommunications. That's what I would focus on- my M/A background shares the private value for acquisition or Vringo's cut if negotiated through Nokia, due to contractual terms is worth more than focus on public value, because until this is roughly established (not just us, but by potential interest in the market) we really are unable to gauge what the company is worth, albeit what shareholders are willing to pay as a multiple from this base. However, roughly speaking I'll state this- there will be only a handful of buyers that can afford this Vringo-Nokia portfolio once the settlement ball begins rolling. This isn't Google, Vringo earned the respect of Nokia after Markman rulings and Cohen jumped on board. These patents are different animal- they are basic, boring as day 2G, 3G etc. telecom patents. German logic will easily find these enforceable. I'll leave it to the market to decide the PPS, just don't think its possible right now until the first settlement ball is rolling. However if MOT's patents (quite similar in telecom infrastructure importance) are worth $11 billion to Google, you tell me what these patents are worth with a few settlements? I know I'll still have my shares when it happens.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • It is accurately priced now. It will continue to fall, by the time judge gives final ruling. It will only return the PPS to mid $3's.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • $3...stock is D.O.A.

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