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  • edvacourt edvacourt Jan 31, 2013 8:23 PM Flag


    This is a good development and an expected one. Despite what gets posted almost daily about the incompetence of the company and the poor PR execution, etc. these guys have a plan and they are sticking to it. Microsoft effectively entered search in February of 2005 when they stopped utilizing third party search and developed their own. Since the advent of BING in 2009 the company has done about $10b in search business and approximately $5b prior (previously msnbot). The search business is broken out under Online Services in their form 10-K's. If treble damages were awarded (constructive knowledge of 420 patent by MSFT in 2003 and 664 patent in 2008) I could see $300M in past damages along with another $140M in royalties going forward. This is just the start sports-fans.

    The reason that the stock is not moving in an appreciable manner is that the investment community wants to see more than a muddled victory, period. In any event there is not long to wait. This move along with expected ZTE developments show that Vringo is far more than a one trick pony and unless the USPTO clips their wings (which I don't expect) I see Katy moving quickly to bar that door. Positive JJ rulings plus USPTO upholding patents will effectively cause most intelligent companies to seek a quick settlement if sued. It's been a long winter for VRNG but the season of their discontent draws ever nearer to a close.

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    • Keep on top!

    • Nice report and good analysis of the MSFT business. Thanks!

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      • You could be right if there ever made liable for infringing or you could be dead wrong and the patents are considered to broad. The attorney Google brought onboard last year is just waiting and will file an appeal if they loose and it will claim that this technology should be shared industry wide and not owned by a single entity or person. Keep an close eye on what I just said! It's like patenting breathing air and now everyone who does it owes the patentee a daily fee for breathing. It's dangerously close to be removed as a patentable item. To many big names have using for to long and now the USPTO is challenged with determining if it's valid. Google's best attorney now sits as head of the San Jose Patent office as well, connect the dots !

    • ed, I'm beginning to wonder if the judge can trully pull the trigger and hold the largest search companies in America and most powerful to date liable for billions, and rule against them. Is it possible that everyone of these companies blatantly disregarded Lang's and Kosak's patents and stampeded forward with their agendas. At what point did they ever consider what the financial consequences might do to them and their shareholders if caught. Something is not adding up and if the judge trully was convinced of the verdict given by the jury why is justice not being served. Why throw out Laches and cripple the company who's been victomized by these thieving companies. Can two patents be so stringent as to destroy the chances of Americas search capabilities for Ads by several companies hold up. I'm sure the patents laying dormant for several years has the judge thinking twice about their claim to be what the infringers use. The incredible short pressure has be continuing to mount as well. Who in their right mind would take such a risk of losses unless they knew this would not end happily ever afterfor Vringo. You've held your position of optomism since before the case and viewed most of it live. The strange part is nothing has gone Vringo's way yet and other than a simple ruling in favor of infringement. The odd twists in this case and growing short levels suggest we are all wrong.Important dates that have come and past have not moved Vringo's stock at all, rather it has hurt them. JJ seems to be in no hurry to rule soon. While most believe settlement talks are under way, the very motion filed by Vringo made the entire investment community aware that not even as much as a phone call has transpired. It looks to be an uphill climb for Vringo and a financially draining one if JJ remains reluctant to stop the delay of motions and get on with justice. You say and have been saying that this is almost over IYO since early November. The messege I recieved from Vringo was we have no idea how long this will take to be ruled on nor is their a legal time limit that so many are referring to. These cases can extend for years without any ruling and it seems that adding more companies to their infringement list will continue the delays. Hope you get what you've been posting to the readers for several months a successful ending and soon.

    • I would have prefered they haul another half dozen of googles customers into to court and keep the pressure on them. Going after MS may seem more cost effective but presenting google with the clear threat that everyone of their customers is at risk might yield quicker results.

    • Agree but it still is frustrating that this "efficient market" ascribes a nickel of value to the MSFT lawsuit or about $5M total even though there clearly is a "willful" kicker here. Thus the market is ascribing less than a 1% liklihood of any type of settlement or award resulting from this even though the patents are being upheld and have created an easy court win. We really need any settlement or award to break this logjam and show the market that this is a company with a bright future with untapped resources in a growing industry.

    • should the damages be 3 x 300 Mill because of willful infringement ?

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    • Thanks EDva

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    • I can tell this is THE REAL ED,..Good contribution! Have you seen that inaccurate lying spin doctor crud they have posted on marketwatch regarding Vringo.
      Put " marketwatch vringo goes after microsoft " into google search! and be sure to read the comments I left.

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    • jmck6193 Jan 31, 2013 8:42 PM Flag

      Finally my friends we're starting to look up, been one hell of a ride , great to see ya back Ed, feel free to drop in more often lol. Plus the shorts are starting to finally get nervious. even though they have played this one better than most of us on here ,but the tides of change has FINALLY ARRIVED I PRAY

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    • Where you been hiding Ed! All I've seen is the IMPOSTOR lately. Glad to have you weigh in bro.

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