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  • fress100 fress100 Feb 16, 2013 4:23 PM Flag


    Lang wrote the search patents, zero risk for vrng, not even a patent troll

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    • Why would Lang have sold them if they were the only method being used in search. he's very intellegent in design but not in business apparently! Yes he is a troll if he is sueing because he legally sold for gain then gave up those patents years ago.

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      • Why didnt VRNG sue goog for willful infringment
        It may be harder to prove
        But goog knew it was using Langs patent
        Lang knew
        And after showing the 20% pop in revenue
        The jury knew goog were willfully infringing
        But VRNG thoughr we will get paid grom the time they started using
        The judge jj said if you are too chicken to go after willful
        Then I will allow goog to plead latches
        You cant have it both ways
        You cant base your case on willful infringement
        Showing the 20% pop in the revs without actually making it your claim

        But trying too sneak in on no latched

        I think VRNG could have won willful

        And the judge is right when he allows latches

        If VRNG wasnt forthright enough to cls im it
        Thenvthey dont get it

        So goog dodged the wilful bullet

        Eventhough vrng proved it to the jury and the judge
        And anyone else

        So I dont know how good vrng really is

        I hu ft ess it was the only horse Lang coul ride

      • Actually Lycos tried to get Google to license this years ago but Google engineering built their own based on the work of Lang and a few others - that is what this case is about. Back then, unfortunately for Lycos, Google was Lyco's largest customers and they desperately needed the money to stay in business. Rather than drop the hammer and sue Google they played ball with Google. (Most likely thinking they would be acquired by one of the big guys anyway and that would seal Googles fate). It never happened and Googles search engine was just super fast. Anyway Google won the search engnine wars and thus started Lang's very long road to get what he believed was infringed in Google Adwords \ Adsense etc (and a Jury now agrees) was rightfully his to license and not Googles to copy due to the USPTO. Lang then needed the financial resources of a larger company to do battle with Google and thus gave up a lot, but as they say ... I would much rather have a small amount of a large settlement than a large amount of nothing and without a war chest who do not go far suing these large companies. Anyway good luck.

      • "he's very intellegent in design but not in business apparently!"

        there was someone else like that once that went by the name of steve jobs.

        also, it doesn't matter if you sell something and then buy it back, it still makes it yours.

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