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  • casp321 casp321 Feb 21, 2013 8:55 AM Flag

    ON2 nightmare might end what a judge may see in Google way but miss justice as is?

    ON2 nightmare might end what a judge might see it in Google way but miss justice as is?

    Bill Joll/Jill, Matt Frost, Mike Kopetski, Jim Bankoski, Paul Wilkins, Afsaneh Naeimollah, John Fargis, John Luther, J. Allen Kosowsky,

    Bill/William Hambrecht, Pete Wendell, Eric Schmidt, Paul Pelosi, Marc Cuban, Mike O'Hare Christopher Hieb

    Salar Kamangar, Omid Kordestani, Mike Jazayeri, Amin Zoufonoun

    Google China President Kai F? Lee, YouTube Video Dealmaker Jordan Hoffner, Google head of global communications and public affairs at YouTube Ricardo Reyes, Hurley Steps Down as YouTube CEO, Ben Smith from google Created and developed top strategic partnerships including NBC Universal, Disney, Fox, and other major film and television studios,

    Zencoder, Heroku ,Salesforce, ON2 FlixEngine/FlixCloud... including Matt Cutts (the head of Google’s Webspam team), James Lindenbaum (co-founder of Heroku, acquired by Salesforce), Orion Henry (Heroku co-founder), Adam Wiggins (Heroku co-founder), Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel

    Chines corrupt official from Chine netcom, china mobile??? Dai daynasty, two brothers and one sister

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    • not easy to expose and then expect to hide what might be valuable in the court but hey it is what it is:

      I understand that after so many years not all ON2 shareholders should be disappointed to give up in search of how and what really stolen from them but I am not sure how clear is "clear" when one looking through different clouds to see what might be on the other side any different from his/her own view/data. It would not disappoint to me at all if any ON2 shareholders seeing and approaching differently while getting different list or rsults than I might assume to searching for in the right direction. What direction I point doesn't have to have the pearl in the shell which I do not want to break even if someone might say have seen somewhere when not all of those flashed were not the same as today when ON2 UK Limited is discovered and being dissoled to erase to hide what is not possible to de any more. Checking for any move that's not flashed on sratch board anymore but still holding the "bridge" connected might help one cross the points without drwaing any attention is what any ON2 shareholders can have in mind after scratching all those said on these yahoo scratch board. What you might hold is what contain the unstolen pearl in the shells that I would want to brake even if I've shaken it. The coast is much clearer now for ON2 shareholders to see who is who than, say before discovery and exposing of ON2 UK Limited account which was something hard to prove but Google made it easy after trasferring the money from it in less than three days being exposed on Yahoo scratch board. The transfer of money from ON2 UK Limited account, terminating Harrison Directorship in it and then dissoling the company needed, one would think, Google's command centers approval which should be ALARMING to those ON2 shareholders of the importance of Google originator sensitivites to what ever is being exposed no matter how clear or non-clear the language used to explain might. casp321

    • What I am trying to do by untangling COMPLICATED operations and RELATIONs to make it COMPLEX enough to let someone in SEARCH of truth and JUSTICE, while being PUSHED to the corner to keep what s/he finds secret, to go through different scenario to see how these SOPHISTICATED operations in different countries might be related. Some of those involved seems to be part of INTELLIGENCE community with ILLEGAL and underground operation to make sTEALING from others look LEGAL in the USA even if those actions might be criminal oriented overseas or in other countries???

    • What one need to UNDERSTAND is that in these case there is nO green cash to be exchange hand even if their ACCOUNTs at the ends get planty of cash deposited in them, they dump the product on the path of those "followinmg" them making sure those are the one will pICK up and make cASH out of those "free" products without aTTRACTING anyone attention to how they are working together cLANDESTINALLY???

      Mat frost, Afsaneh Naeimollah, John Luther, Jim Bankoski, VP8 to be WebM and ON2 on one side --- Google on the other side might have had Omid Kordestani, Mike Jazayeri, Salar Kamangar/Youtube, and WebM to rock the world at a later time. The messages posted on Google Yahoo Board were talking about POSSIBLE build og Google's WebM within ON2 long before feb 2010.


      This is the core question of how could a company delat releasing its LATEST/GREATED and money making video codec called VP8 under pretext of "looking for VP8 logo"??? Knowing that Google had trademarked ON2 in june 2007 and Hantro in April 2008 how could ON2 BOD and management to see the consequnces of their activities a few years later?

      Why did John Luther, who became responsible for WebM with VP8 under Google's Mike Jazayeri s WebM product Manager after feb 2010 google taking ON2 over, keep ON2 shareholders waiting for finalizing VP8 logo, from March to the END of July, just few days before Agust 5, 2009?

      What did happen to VP8 logo after ON2 paying $600 or so???

      Q3 Conference Call, November 8, 2007:

      Bill Joll [ON2’s ex-CEO]: "China Mobile is continuing to progress -
      we have recently seen an uptick in trials."

      ON2 BOD: Kopetski

      "Through the years, Kopetski has developed close relationships with the Chinese policy makers in Washington and Beijing. He continues to serve as a liaison between the business community and the diplomats posted at the Chinese Embassy in Washington."


      You can call it illusion or any way you please to call to end the game but that would not matter to the mind which is shaped to see it differently after so many years. This is just how my mind sees these complicated activities that totally are unrelated but I'll try to simplify the complexity of how possibly those involved in ON2-Google scam and ON2-Weiner-Auditing-company (Jeff Weiner&Ludlum&ON2 Auditing, Vivendi-Universal, ActivationVizzard, Chinese-Netease-Gaming)m, and Google-Youtube and Universal Music [Group] [/Vivendi] launching premium music site, which was called Vevo playing their way of handing PROFITs/INTERST, or any way you might call it, to the other side instead of paying cash or depositing direct money into each other accounts, even in places other that USA. casp321


      Jeff Weiner&Ludlum&ON2 Auditing, Vivendi-Universal, ActivationVizzard, Chinese-Netease-Gaming)m, and Google-Youtube and Universal Music [Group] [/Vivendi]

      by casp321•Feb 24, 2010 9:24 AM.

      casp321•Feb 24, 2010 2:59 PMFlag

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      Follow them where they go. You'll find out a lot otherwise it might be too late:

      -----Jeffrey Weiner is executor of the author's [Robert Ludlum] estate, and
      -----Jeffrey Weiner is CEO of Ludlum Entertainment, and
      -----Jeffrey Weiner is the Managing Partner of Marcum & Kliegman LLP
      ------On2 Technologies Appoints Marcum & Kliegman as New Audit Firm


      May 13, 2009
      -----On2 Technologies' VP6 ...to be Deployed by China's NetEase Following Strategic Partnership Agreement

      Apr 17, 2009
      -----Blizzard [Vivendi owns 52%] & NetEase Partner for China WoW

      Apr 10, 2009
      -----YouTube and [Vivendi] Universal to launch premium music site

      March 6, 2009,
      -----after extensive testing of On2’s products, representatives of Google met with represent to discuss ... Google’s intentions for a future relationship with On2.

      MARCH 5, 2009 and/or March 4, 2009
      -----YouTube, Universal Music [Group] [/Vivendi] Discuss Alliance

      Feb 02, 2009
      -----Ludlum Entertainment Grants EA the Exclusive Video Game License for the Works of Robert Ludlum


      Are these "NORMAL" businesses activies???
      by casp321•Aug 24, 2010 6:53 AM

      Ludlum estate will find a new publisher for "Bourne" games or finance them itself
      By: Variety
      Published: Wed, July 30, 2008

      the Robert Ludlum estate's plans for its videogame license now that the rights have reverted back following the Activision - Vivendi Games merger. (The Ludlum estate signed a 10 year licensing deal with Vivendi Games back in 2005)

      So what happens now? Weiner says his company is definitely looking to do a new long-term deal to make more Bourne games. "Videogames are capital intensive and time intensive to develop," he noted. "We don't want to do one-offs."

      The question now is whether Ludlum Entertainment will make a deal with a new publisher or raise money to finance them itself. "We have been approached by financing sources and publishing partners," he told me


      You do NOT buy a company then give it AWAY for "free?"
      by casp321•Dec 16, 2010 11:17 AM.

      casp321•Dec 16, 2010 11:52 AMFlag

      There are too many ON2's shareholders who are done EXCELLENT DDs and EXPOSED the CRIMEs made against ON2 shareholders. Some or MOST possibly EVEN submmited their findings to SEC and different offices in the USA Government. So, I am NOT the only one, but I do NOT want to cause trouble for any ON2 shareholders "walking with their dog LEASHED" or crossing the street. Everything has its own "cost", as did ON2's VP8 "logo" when luther kept ON2 shareholders for months "guessing" how it would look like. They thought even that was a smart idea to cause the VP8 in Flash DELAY. But DELAYING other COMPANIES smartphones and Netbooks because of VP8 in Android or Chrome these days, after about four years VP8 being ready for "big" or any "small" ON2 customers since 2007, does NOT seem to be HW and/or SW i"integration issue. I see them as LEGAL ISSUE, which Adobe, Google, ARM, ... DID NOT EXPECT to last this long, but what about their customers and their SHAREHOLDERs? Why would othe companies SHAREHOLDERs pay for Google CRIMEs against ON2 shareholders???


      ON2: a "thorne" or "feather" in Google's "cap" NOW???

      by casp321•Jan 1, 2011 4:13 PM

      As ON2 shareholders EXPOSE Google's CRIMEs

      Google is, "UNEXPECTEDLY", "dumping" more of ON2's REVENUE GENERATING products, ASSUMING SEC, DOJ, FTC would NOT see the real VALUE of ON2's PRODUCTs and ON2's DEAL with Chinese and others through Hantro products or ON2's FlixEngine, Flix, FlixCloud.

      Why Flix to WildForm?

      Why FlixCloud to Zencoder?

      Why a "miature" version of VP8 to Flas COMMUNITIES?

      Why FlixEngine?

      What else?

      How much did Luther pay for VP8 "logo" after making ON2's Shareholders Guessing how it might look like, from march or so to July 2009? How many monrhs did the "developers" too to come up with VP8 logo and then what did happen to it at the end of July 2009, just a few days prior to FRAUDULENT "merger" announcement?


      • 3 Replies to casp321
      • Google Tradmemarked ON2 in 2007 and another ON2's product called Hantro in 2008 and had about $50 million in an account called ON2 UK Limited, as of Jan 2012. So, HOW FBI, DOJ or any European law enforcement agents might try to DEFINE "ON@ UK Limited" as belonging to ON2 shareholders before feb 2910 or Google using the same name as OVERLAP??? casp321

        Tim Worstall, Contributor
        3/26/2013 @ 12:57PM |6,892 views

        And Now Google Tries To Control The Dictionary

        This isn’t quite the megalomania that it looks though. It’s actually part and parcel of maintaining a trademark. You can lose a trademark (like, say, “Google”) if you don’t use it. But you can also lose it if everyone uses it to the point that it becomes just another word in the language, as hoover, aspirin and others have done in English. And that’s what Google is doing here: they’re saying it’s just fine to create a portmanteau word containing Google (or google). But it must actually refer to Google itself, rather than the generic act of searching or the use of any search engine. For if [???] becomes just a general word in the language for “not searcheable” then this will diminish Google’s trademark.

      • Business digest: Google’s Android chief steps down; Apple CEO to be deposed

        March 13, 2013

        “Having exceeded even the crazy ambitious goals we dreamed of for Android — and with a really strong leadership team in place — Andy’s decided it’s time to hand over the reins and start a new chapter at Google,” Page wrote. The company declined to disclose what Rubin’s new role will be.

      • You will need different lens to check and compare but interestingly enough there is elements of these kind of relations/activities might be traced/tecked/investigated to analyse the complication to see how complex they might be?

        Are these "NORMAL" businesses activies???
        by casp321•Aug 24, 2010 6:53 AM

        Ludlum estate will find a new publisher for "Bourne" games or finance them itself
        By: Variety
        Published: Wed, July 30, 2008

        the Robert Ludlum estate's plans for its videogame license now that the rights have reverted back following the Activision - Vivendi Games merger. (The Ludlum estate signed a 10 year licensing deal with Vivendi Games back in 2005)


        gawdsmajudgel2•Jun 15, 2010 11:21 PM

        Which one was it???

        New one for you Casp...

        CEVA's DSP uses VP8..They announced this in Nov-Dec., I think. Per Joll, it takes 6 months to a year to incorporate into a system..

        Before buying into CEVA, I asked their Investor Info guy how they got VP8 from On2, when On2 didn't release it..He said they didn't get VP8 from On2..they got it from Google...And the wheel turns


        ON2: Why ROBBING American Shareholders under SHADOW of Israeli Companies is OK?
        by casp321•Dec 2, 2010 9:07 AM.

        casp321•Feb 5, 2012 8:41 AM

        Thanks Gwads:

        Target applications for customer deployment are TD-SCDMA baseband processors for handsets, smart TV for emerging markets, connectivity for smartphones and solid state drives. Geographically, two of the agreements signed were in the U.S. and five were in Asia

        CEVA, Inc. Announces Record Fourth Quarter and Year End 2011 Financial Results

        - All-time high quarterly and annual revenue of $16.0 million and $60.2 million, up 22% and 34% year-over-year, respectively

        - Record quarterly and annual royalty revenue of $10.2 million and $36.4 million, up 36% and 59% year-over-year, respectively

        - Record shipment volumes of CEVA technology; More than 1 billion CEVA-powered units shipped in 2011
        MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Jan. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CEVA, Inc. (NASDAQ: CEVA); (LSE: CVA), the leading licensor of silicon intellectual property (SIP) platform solutions and DSP cores for the mobile handset, portable and consumer electronics markets, today announced its financial results for the fourth quarter and year ended December 31, 2011.

        Mr. Wertheizer continued, "Looking back at a very successful 2011, we delivered on our two main strategic goals: driving strong growth of CEVA-powered baseband chipsets and extending our technology leadership in the DSP space. Our customers shipped more than 927 million CEVA-powered basebands during the year, and more than 1 billion CEVA-based chipsets overall.

    • Google Replaces Its Head Of M&A With Don Harrison, Will Open A New Late-Stage Investment Group

      Drew Olanoff

      Friday, December 7th, 2012
      According to Reuters, Google is making major moves in its mergers and acquisitions group, replacing David Lawee with Don Harrison, a high-ranking lawyer at the company.

    • ON2 nightmare might end what a judge may see in Google way but miss justice as is?

    • Don Harrisson ON2 USA LLC CEO and president after Google taking ON2 over in feb 2010. Harrison also became head of Google M&A in 2012. He also was Director at ON2 UK Limited a PRIVATE company in UK owned by ON2 USA before feb 2010 and by Google after feb 2010. John Kent Walker Director of ON2 UK Limited

    • English would be helpful

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