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    Shorts had no real reason to stick around but they thought they could outmuscle the longs enough to milk another few pennies except that they did not see the MSFT settlement coming!

    So, now they are trapped even more! They are damned if they stick around, damned if they don't! Either way they are losers going forward.

    I imagine the astute shorts started bailing out on Thursday and will finish their exit by trying to get out as quickly as they can even though they will have to push the pps up over $5 to accomplish that because longs will not be willing to sell unless the pps quickly ramps up to beyond $5. And the astute longs will not sell at any price below $8, possibly $10. So, to really get the selling going the pps must quicky ramp up to $10 and beyond.

    Shorts no longer have the patience to wait this out due to the fact that something seriously impactful could come out of the MSFT settlement deal anytime of any day for the next two months.

    On top of that the Google behavior will change because of the pending MSFT settlement. Google has no clue what MSFT is up to, and that ought to disturb them beyond our wildest dreams. I would not be surprised if the Google is telling its lawyers to close the deal as quickly as possible. VRNG has the upper hand, and Google will have to pay dearly to close out the deal. I expect something in the $200M level for past infringement, and 5-6% running royalty going forward, which would put the total Google settlement at ~1 billion dollars. These events would push the pps above $20 overnight!

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