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  • ran.dog80 ran.dog80 May 14, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

    If QBB and LTV were removed by Google in Nov. of 2012 in their system wouldn't they have

    written a letter to the courts and Vringo showing the action. No because it proves clear and convincing infringement. So now they claim it and want to be credited for it and say Vringo was notified about changes but made no attempt to discover.

    Nope things aren't lining up well for Google and if JJ is as good as he says he is then his ruling must favor Vringo!

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    • What leads you to this conclusion that things aren't lining up well for Google. What makes you think that they are lying? It would be quite a big gamble, if the court found them guilty again they would be in deep #$%$. Furthermore, JJ does not seem to be overly anxious to rule in favor of Vringo, I believe he will do 3.5% and kick the mess to the appeals court, let them sort this out. Vringo's key regardless will lie in past damages. If they are successful in overturning laches, then there would be a lot more money on the table, regardless of if Google changed their system or not. Google has already been found guilty of infringement, so it is a safe assumption that they did infringe upon the patents, but writing a letter to the court, no why would they do that? I believe that they did not, they informed Vringo knowing that Vringo would reject hearing the evidence, and held it as an Ace in the hole until they needed it. Vringo was, as established through court documents notified that Google claimed that there was a change. The lawyers at Quinn Emmanuel are very smart, they know what they are doing. Similarly, Vringo's lawyers are very well-experienced. It will be interesting to see Vringo's response. Google raised some interesting point, and I suspect that Vringo will attempt to go against each one of the points and raise its own case law. This will be a very interesting appeal!

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