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  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Jun 12, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    So far--------

    Too many arrogant bashing ID's bel;onging to to few posters. Wouldn't it be great if Yahoo only allowed one ID per year. Then you could hold or ignore these idiots without them repoasting under new ali#$%$=es.

    Won against Google, period.
    Won against Microsfot and forgoing large monitary awards. Makes you think the 6 pats were worth something against Google, too. And MS might have allowed this to allow VRNG to keep the fight against Goog going on in court, after all, they already won. If MS and VRNMG are going into talks of buy out or alliance it coudl make much more sense downt he road, for MS and VRNG vs Goog.

    Will win against ZTE, in many contries, Germany and Australia, again begging the question of a buy out, since the pats and the money from them run out in about four years. Also, when, not if, the cases are decided in favour or VRNG in Germany and Australia, Goog will feel the presure globally. And if Goog were smart, they would buy out VRNG now. Goog's USPTO run around the courts did not work, see many articls on SA concering which pats numbers apply, Goog's position legally is only a win if all points in the USPTO office are argued in their favour. Doubtful !! When has a court over turned a USPTO ruling, anyone ??

    Just wanted to chime in today. Courts are slow, as they are suposed to be, to allow all sides to discover and vent their sides. Legally, Goog has yet to shut down the factual basis (USPTO PAT REVIEW) for a final court ruling in favour of VRNG.
    Goog has failed to shut down the USPTO findings, and they have about a 9 % chance of that even being heard.

    How long can they hold this up in courts, I leave to the lawyers. Financially, VRNG owns the pats and will get paid. Ken Lang is no newbie, and you can bet talks are going on in the back round. Best to all, and ignore the idiotic posters.

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