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  • bashers_are_liars bashers_are_liars Aug 16, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    Advice : Do Not Waste Your Time And Energy With Common Sense Logic

    For the short/bashers, they ain't havin non of that nonsense.

    Actually I think the majority of them aren't even short, just's cheap entertainment for those types, the tradergirls etc.. of the world.

    What with the high cost of a movie ticket these days , spending their free hours (24 of them) here with their diatribe allows them to save on daily expenses, and manage to scrape by.

    Their theory is, kowledge ain't all it's cracked up to be.

    They're doing just fine without it.......ignorance is bliss .

    Ain't that right tradergirl ?

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    • Well, coming from someone who believes in BASHERS as something to fight on a chat board, that's really interesting.

      Do you also believe in Santa Claus???

      • 2 Replies to tradergirl333
      • tradergirl It appears that your comprehension skills are lacking, I believe I clearly say not to waste a lot of time and energy trying to make any sense to your type.........I did not say it's a waste of time making an already big fool look like an even bigger fool. Which in your case is no challenge at all.

        And as far as fighting may or may NOT recall that BEFORE you threw the first blow at ME today, I never ever posted to you before.

        I posted something about Mark Cuban........and you came at me.......remember ?

        Every once in awhile you're going to run up against someone like me, you really should require that your alledged brain is engaged before you start jacking your jaws.

        I mean I can still hear the laughter coming from your guru comment that selling a stock "pulls it up" ?

        I myself have never heard such buffoonery. And I thought I've heard just about everything.

        Got anymore jewels like that one ?

        Do you have a position in this stock ?

        And I really don't expect the truth.

      • You my dear are a dumb (c)unt!

        I was here long before you with the same premise.

        Now get on your Knees BlTCH!

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