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  • williamszxz williamszxz Aug 18, 2013 12:00 AM Flag

    Give it up..these court cases go on forever and ever

    the guy with the deeper pockets outlasts the little guy....the little guys just keeps getting beat up and left for dead.

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    • williamszx.......Before you show too much more ignorance........Google.....NTP vs RIMM.

      And notice that after RIMM settled the patent suit for.....$612 MILLION with NTP...... take note that when news of the settlement was announced they halted trading of RIMM at $72......then on news of the announcement in AH RIMM traded as high as .....$86.30.

      So maybe GOOG would be wise to get this behind them their stock can soar.

      But in regards to your point about the deep pockets big guy always lasting the longest.......not true......if you actually look around instead of just taking a wild #$%$ guess at it.

      If the little guy never wins........why the hell are there so many lawyers ?

      Where are they drumming up all their business, from the big guys ?

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