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  • philipswallowflip philipswallowflip Aug 24, 2013 12:46 PM Flag

    Due Date: August 25th, Goog must show documents on "new add words" work around

    Probably Monday, the 26th when court is backin session. This could be a critical day for VRNG if Goog decides to not shoe the entire world what is in their "new" search engine, and with it their cost basis for add words current. 45% of add words is US based, and accounts for 20.9%-per judge- going forward. Even at 3.5%, it is a win in the math. At 5%, tyo off set laches, it is larger. Given the increase in add words, Q over Q, and year over year, VRNG wins.

    If there is no new add words, and who believes there is ?? VRNG should at least double, and tripple with a good short covering. Monday should be interesting if Goog capitulates, and either pays or purchases VRNG out right, and I believe the later could happen at the right price. jmo

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    • We have a ways to go. The talk about buyout is crazy. Google refuses to be held hostage to a patent troll. They will fight to the final gavel. By disabling the scoring system, in their mind, its a work around. Or is it a method to cover up their claim to have a work around. Because if they have nothing its a crime. I know everyone is walking on egg shells right now but we will prevail. I feel the judge doesnt want to rule on this case and hopes for a settlement. However I feel he has thrown a couple of bones Google's way. So far the management team at VRNG has done a tremendous job, and I am sure the stress factor is really high right now. It all comes down to the work around now and if it exists. We are in the 10th round and let s hope we havent run out of gas. Even if settlement talks occur they will be miles apart and VRNG's position has become stronger with each hurdle we crossed.

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      • With or without a walkaround did you forget Google already lost this case in a jury trial? Googlw MUST PAY VRINGO un to the very date that a walkaround if found not to infringe in a court of law. Not that I think Google has any walkaround it's just that you have this totally backwards! There is NO WAY Google has a walkaround. Impossible.

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