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  • bashers_are_liars bashers_are_liars Aug 25, 2013 7:45 PM Flag

    Another Good IHUB Post by ...expediter13...Makes 100% Common Good Sense !

    Type messageGotta love how anyone that works for is or associated with a company violating a patent has turned the patent holders into TROLLS. I invent something, put a patent on it, but dont have enough money to start a buniness, so I sell the patent to make some money. Thus the person buying it is a troll. Seems to me, In America at least. law is law. Or would it be ok if I violate every patent out there / Or is there limits, like, if you're rich, and your company is really Big, then I cant violate it.

    If all the troll callers were so smart. Then why did they just not buy the patent rights up front ? Because at the time, they didn't have the money either. But once they do, they think they deserve the right to keep ALL their money and damn to property holder...

    I hope they do fight it, I will get in if they keep acting like fools. They are going to make patent owners look even better if they continue to defy...If you were in on this one, you may want to look at WDDD. Unless it is a line you don't want to cross... I am sure ALL the workers at actvision think WDDD is just a troll too. How dare they want to get IP rights on something they invented. I guess you have to be a patent holder to understand...

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