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  • argosy2 argosy2 Mar 29, 2012 6:32 PM Flag

    How Long Can JCP allow this to go on

    Things certainly look dead! But The customers can't stay dumb forever. Things can change. In any case, JCP can always go back to those idiotic coupons again if needed.

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    • Me thinks you got it wrong.
      As long as the customer is saving money by shopping at other stores, they are NOT dumb.
      And, JCP can't go back to the old pricing strategy, including coupons. They boxed themselves in by saying these NOW are the fair and square prices and to change from that would be admitting they are not being honorable with their customers - something Ron said is important to him, you know, character.
      But, just imagine what JCP is going to look like this next Black Friday. No customers. Why? Everyone else will be running sales, but not JCP. At least that's his fair and square deal with the customers.

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