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  • troublesacomin troublesacomin Jul 7, 2012 4:08 AM Flag

    I could could turn this company around in 1 Year

    I was going to write a huge article here about its numerous problems but ill start with the 1 unexcusable fault of JCP, lack of attention to detail.

    Real simple examples here. You want ppl to come to your stores? Well if you go to the JCP website and go under the find store option . .. it doesnt work. I didnt get any hits. i put in a local jcp to find store hours, nadda. I went to this site to get some jcps in Tx and plug em into the jcp website, none of them came up. ugh. but you know what, maybe its just my browser or something. so ill let this one pass. no real biggy.

    Another example. You want ppl's business, dont mess up their mail orders. i ordered 3 xl basic color shirts and a pair of size 38 summer shorts a few months back. you know what i got? unbelievable, 2 extra small multicolored blouses and a pair of small woman's running sneakers. Un fn believable. They didnt even look at the order while filling it and then they put my order of shirts in with this nonsense and send it to me. It also took forever to get to me. ugh, good going JCP. JCP's execution is beyond horrible right now.

    I'm sure you people have a list of simple things that JCP could do improve the company without spending a fortune, but I feel like management just wants to go out of their way to disgruntle potential customers and investors.

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