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  • dcfabc dcfabc Aug 16, 2012 10:10 AM Flag

    It's apparent the bashers on this board have no Stock experience.

    The float is thin with stock in good hands. The percentage of shorts, too much. You have a hard time finding stock to borrow for any further shorting, so those type of sales are becoming non existent. The stock in good hands is not being sold so USE YOUR COMMON SENSE and figure it out.

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    • Short position in jcp has gone up from 50M to 56M it looks like shorts are having no trouble shorting jcp-maybe u should be checking JCP's short positions more often..

    • Apparently u have not heard of naked shorts.....

    • "stock in good hands"
      LOL. What the heck are you talking about? This stock has no Allstate insurance protection plan. You seem to be doing some mind reading with the big boys from your location in Florida. You think, "Oh, they will never sell so the stock is in good hands." How naive.

      JCP could be sold off again. JCP has gained a lot of short interest for a very legitimate reason; namely, the company has been in a big decline. The numbers prove it. This is a fact. Shorts target companies that have weak fundamentals. When it goes up nearly 10% after the worst quarter ever and then announces plans to put yoga in the middle of the store, it gets my short interest attention. Something is just not right with JCP.

    • Stop posting this none sense everyday! It seems you really believe you have figured it all and talk like a GURU! You posted the same BS yesterday about low float and hard to borrow shares to short sell, guess what, YOU ARE WRONG! I have three accounts and in all three I tried to see if I can short and I CAN, so before posting something , how about trying to see if you can short it or not.

      OK, you are long and waiting to gain couple of pennies, this is why you are posting none stop the same thing over and over but stop lecturing that it is a cheap stock and already has seen the bottom! you just talk like a desperate long who is ridding this POS since $40!

    • Common sense says you are way past your sell-by date.

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