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  • longbasherone longbasherone Sep 5, 2012 2:13 AM Flag

    Levi's Denim Bar iPad?! Good one

    ....I just don't get this new iPad concept in "denim bars". Can any JCP long help me to understand why JCP mgt. believes that having locked down iPads inside their new "denim bar" is important for the business of JCP?

    It seems like a big waste to spend money purchasing these expensive computer toys which only displays the JCP website with the featured clothes that are sitting in right in front of me on the JCP display tables.

    Why should customers view/purchase clothes online inside the JCP store when the company has already made big renovation investments to keep customers spending their money inside department stores?

    I can already access the JCP website on my cell phone. I don't see any reason to use bolted iPads at denim bars.

    IMHO- It's a big waste of money and shows JCP mgt. is out of touch.

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    • There is too much emphasis on Levis and iPads and not enough on customer service. Shoppers need to try on each style & size anyhow to see if the style suits them personally and if the pair itself fits. For many years now there hasn't been enough quality control on clothing and each item will be cut a little to a lot differently. Each pair of pants can vary as much as several inches in the waistline from one to another. If you wear jeans/Levis and haven't experienced this personally you are very fortunate.

    • The claim of IPAD as expensive computer is totally wrong. It's only a few days salary of a sales person. If it can allow customers to DIY on finding answers or info they want, the savings of sales person's salary is surely more significant.

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      • Love all this talk about "I's" whatever and the wondrous things they can do. It's almost all irrelevant to the retail shopping experience. Apparently no one has observed how "shopping/buying" occurs. The techies comfortable with seeing themselves in all the different Levi's/Schmevi's using the latest fastest app will simply stay at home an buy over the internet. The "shoppers" to whom shopping is as much an entertainment/social experience go with a few friends and spend the day from store to store, pinching, poking, prodding, and stretching the merchandise. Studies show 40-50% of clothing purchases are impulse buys. They may pick up the "toy" and play with it for a bit, but quickly revert to "normal" shopping.

        The "I's" are really good and useful in hardline but soft goods is another story, where a purchase relies as much or more on "touchy feely unexplainable" than lets' say, a tool that you can compare specs and accessories until you're blue in the face.

      • And I think we'll see sales staff carry iPads loaded with features to help sell product.

    • I don't buy see Johnson as "ahead" of the game just lost and clinging tightly to his tech background. People won't take iPads into department stores ; they will use cell phones with good apps. I guaratee it.

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    • I already know about the slight variations in jean designs. I don't need to step up to a "denim bar" to view them on a retina display iPad. Seems like an overkill. I don't buy Levi's and don't shop at Jcp. Yoga and "denim bar iPads" inside JCP tell me that JCP management is desperate to reinvent themselves. It rings of insecurity and confusion.

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    • "I can already access the JCP website on my cell phone."

      Does your cell phone have a 10" retina display that instantly displays the relevant Levis content when you turn it on?

    • If "ipad denim bars"s are truly such a good new concept, then how come other outperforming retailers have not already tried it out? I don't need to look at an iPad to see how jeans will look on me. I can use my imagination. Computers don't need to be seems strange that JCP is so quick to waste money on these computer toys to attract the younger crowd. IMHO- JCP is trying waaaaay to hard to be cool and hip and it shows.

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    • I feel your wrong. I tried the device and was impressed. Without having to hassle through all the Jeans I was able to see the appearance of the different styles, colors and how they look on a model. It makes a difference if your unsure of the style differences like slim vs regular or straight legs. Unless you enjoy trying on all the jeans to see the look the IPAD is helpful.

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