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  • jcpenneyman85 jcpenneyman85 Nov 12, 2012 9:26 PM Flag

    You're Lucky To Have RJ @ The Helm

    If it were me in charge instead of Ron I wouldn't give you a button. Or a $10 gift.

    I'm being totally serious. I've never had so much fun working in my very long jcp career. Every team member has stepped it up. There's more pride in regards to how the store looks than ever before. Under great leadership, every one is laser focused on customer service and maintaining the store environment.

    More personal accountability is making everyone's job less overwhelming. I won't say my job is easier today than a few decades ago, but I leave work for the day knowing someone else cares just as much as I do.

    I happened along to this board a few months ago and naively thought I would encounter more retail knowledge more in line with my own. Instead, more often than not, I encounter cynicism and a level of forward thinking more in line with a teenager.

    You would think with 110 years of history, with the past 20 being a waste, that you would be intrigued enough to go a different route. I've researched the board threads from years ago and seldom has there been any discussion on how the business model that middle tier dept stores such as jcp, Kohl's, and Sears participated in could sustain long term. It's all about how decision makers in companies make or lose you money. You'd gut a company too if there was a dollar to be made.

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    • I suggest YOU start looking for a good retail JOB now, b 4 the layoffs come in early 2013---and your not Lucky to have ron----he has 0 retailing departmental experiance----have you been to one of the indian casinos lately, thats how much chance you have of coming out of this---and TRY giving some customer service---thats what you people do SO POORLY--set up a cash pay counter--and no service and the girls can hardly count back change---its got to be embarrassing---but you keep working hard at it--but seriously, get your resume out SOON//////////////////

    • I'm sooo with you on this. We have so much fun at JCP. My boyfriend and I play little kissing games where we will try to sneak up on one another and plant on on the neck of the other. You know, little fun games like that when things are slow. Sometimes we play dress up with different outfits. I had a customer ask me a question and then return for a follow up question a few minutes later. He noticed that I had changed clothes. I could have just kissed him!! I mean, he noticed!

    • This is not about how much fun you are having. What is transpiring is a strategy being implemented, with no consumer vetting, with results indicating it has serious flaws. This will significantly impact both current and former employees. Did some changes need to be made, the answer is yes. However, what has occurred, is taking a major corporation down a slippery slope, giving up sales, market share and above all consumer loyalty.

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      • Bingo. Pre - Johnson JCPenneys revenue has been sliding for at least 5 years. Market share has been steady decreasing also. This is with the valued promotions everyone is fond of. 50% off the original price and a coupon on top of that barely makes a customer notice. Why because it's already been done. There's your customer loyalty. And what do you suppose it going to take move the customer this Christmas. More gimmicks.

        I have a question for all the wise ones out there. When the new year begins and we're up against SSS what do you think the results will be? How will the market react to positive SSS from jcp? The argument here has always been, the stores look great but sales are way down. So come Feb 2013 when the stores start having sales gains and look great what becomes of your argument?

        Construction starts back up also as we move from 11% to 40% shops complete. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out. Just patience.

    • Based on your post apparently all JCP has left for store leaders are lunatics. The smart ones already took retirement or jumped ship.

    • Dude! You really need to figure out who's been putting LSD in your coffee!

    • But where is the strategy to bring back lost customers?

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      • @ jcp7110 It's fun dreaming up a promotion that will drive traffic isn't it? It's less fun when you have to one up that promotion with something bigger. And lord help us if the "NEW" promotion gimmick wasn't a driver of traffic like the one you just canned.

        Remember when you had those marketing meetings? It went a little like this. " This week last year was BSOTA so plan a loss and reduce staffing." Shift those dollars into week 45.

        Then came reporting this shift in business to Wall Street. " Monthly sales were negatively impacted by the blah, blah, blah. Nobody believed us

        Wall Street should love us in 2013. No more excuses when reporting sales. No more comparing weeks 44 to week 45. It is so much easier to gauge how you are performing.

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