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  • jcpenneyman85 jcpenneyman85 Jan 29, 2013 9:00 PM Flag

    JCPenney: Driven by Hate Consumed by Fear

    I told you last week in my post "Hold On It's Coming Here It Comes!" a runup was near. It was so easy to predict. Just basic retail knowledge. Whatever you do don't buy now though. Not until Tuesday, I think. Yes that's when there will another LBO rumor posted by another greaseball. Where is Arthur Levitt and Reg FD?

    Who is not happy jcp had a little success today? Loners. Who posted " JCPenney being sued for Fake Prices? And where is that story today?

    Yesterdays rumor here was we were going back to sales.Today I learn it not really sales and we're to blame and it's false advertisement. You guys are too funny. Why don't you just wait till we do it, that way you'll have credibility?

    People, people, people. I'm gonna tell you something that might pi-- you off but it doesn't matter it's just the truth. I'd fire your mother if she had the willingness but lacked the ability. Is that awful? Is that cruel? I don't think so. It hard but it's right for the customer and business. Should I keep a wing full of IT guys that are no long needed simply because they are nice people? Or should I just let them go? Which is the best business decision?

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    • Then how can you explain the management choices in the Home Div. at JCP? about the 'lack of ability!

      What idiotic trash you speak!

    • More appropriate to say the company is driven by incompetence and ineptitude.

    • Pennypuke, I had to fire your mother. She had the desire, but no ability. Its a wonder you were ever created. That must have been a really nsaty trip to the outside world you made when you were born !

    • iluvmyjobandimhappy2bhere iluvmyjobandimhappy2bhere Jan 30, 2013 6:35 PM Flag

      You freegin imbecile! The stock is stock is still down close to 50% from a year ago. What short term pop? You mean the blip on the radar? LOL. Please do everyone a favor and eat feces and die twice.

    • stahu-tweaker Jan 30, 2013 11:22 AM Flag

      I realize now why you haven't answered my series of questions that I posted for you late last week. To refresh your "molecular" memory, Mole, the questions had to do with the yet undefined direction the new jcp had taken over the past several months in relation to both marketing strategy and past terminated or about to be terminated employees. Look at approx Jan 25th. - By jcp's present action of trying to rebuild "bridges burned", it is obvious that your company had no business plan at all, only a get rich quick plan for stock market "insiders", hopefully who will come under closer scrutiny by new SEC leadership. I notice, Mole, that you would fire other people's mothers "if she had the willingness but lacked the ability." - Perhaps we should change your name to "chameleon" on this one, Mole, since it wasn't so long ago that you were preaching to us about how retained employees would be those who were willing to accept the "new jcp way." - My, my, how opinions and "save me logic" does change when the amuck ship hits the iceberg and there are not enough lifeboats to go around for the "suckered frauds" like you, "Mr. Chameleon Mole."

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      • "get rich quick plan for stock market "insiders", hopefully who will come under closer scrutiny by new SEC"

        That's cute, tell that to Ackman then duck.

      • @ stahu-tweaker Long story short, I would retain your mother, and any other mother out there as long as the mother is capable of providing the level of customer service at jcp that our customers will come to expect.

        In the future jcp, different services will be provided that will require more skills than ringing a customer. You shall learn about some of these unique services by corporate. But who needs a press release when you can read posts here by the jcp insiders.

        I didn't provide you with info last week because it would be considered inside information.

    • Although you annoy a lot of people on this board, I think this is good therapy for you. You are obviously a low-level, butt-kissing toady at JCP, but this board gives you the chance to pretend your opinions matter to others and you are a hard-nosed type that should be in management.

      The reality is that Ron Johnson is one of the biggest frauds in the business world. He could have designed Apple stores using shipping containers or cardboard boxes. Apple products sell themselves.

      Faced with a real challenge at JCP, he has failed miserably.

      Ron Johnson ranks right with the guy who came up with the idea for the Edsel.

      You shoud give it a rest. You come across as a pathetic, pompous twit.

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      • "The reality is that Ron Johnson is one of the biggest frauds in the business world. He could have designed Apple stores using shipping containers or cardboard boxes. Apple products sell themselves."

        Oh really?

        If those products were selling themselves so well, genius, why DID Apple open its own stores? Why didn't they just sit back and rake in the sales at CompUSA?

        Tell me -- were the able stores an instant success? Were they as busy in the first two years as they were in the next two years? I know you have a vibrant imagination but the answer is NO.

        Who's the fraud again?

      • @ clawsmeister How do you even have the nerve to respond to me? Based on the negative responses your posts generally receive it is clear you and I have more in common than you care to admit. I don't usually keep score but I have to admit '32' thumbs down on a single post has to be a record. That was good for a laugh. That being said I'm glad you continue to post.

        I always root for the home team. I've never wavered in my support and it doesn't matter who is commander and chief. I am a homer. Maybe that's why many of us differ here.The opposition that the few pro - jcp posters encounter here is based on just two things. Greed and vindication. If someone wants to spend 10 + years hammering they can expect some company.

        I am here to provide diversity.

    • Goodnight Johnboy, we all love you! hugs and kisses

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