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  • jcpenneyman85 jcpenneyman85 Feb 1, 2013 9:25 AM Flag

    WOW! Holly Saw a Commercial ( Real jcp news, from the source that matters)

    With up to minute reporting we cut to live to Plano, Texas outside of jcp headquarters where our investigating reporter Hollydazed joins us.

    Retay: Good morning Hollydazed, WOW, my my, my, you sure fill out them designer jeans well now don't ya? I see there's no room in there for me. Back to the story. Hollydazed, what's happening on the ground right now? Whatcha got for us today? Tell us what you know.

    Hollydazed: Good morning Retay. Thanks for noticing me. Thumbs up yours too. We're working on a story about Johnson being seen wearing something other than the same sweater he's been know to wear. We've not been able to confirm or deny that he's actually here but I'm on him. I mean, on to him and if anything newsworthy happens I'll report it.

    Retay: I've heard there's a supplier chain problem.Could this be the reason for the wardrobe change? I've heard it's hard to find sweaters at jcp these days. Could the ever rising price of cotton spell doom and gloom for jcp?

    Hollydazed: I don't know about the price of cotton or the price of tea in China thing,but it makes sense.One unsubstaniated rumor, laughable as it may seem, suggested Johnson changed to a long sleeve shirt due to the warmer weather.

    Retay: Warmer weather. They expect us to believe that. Keep up the good work Hollydazed.

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