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  • jcpenneyman85 jcpenneyman85 Feb 12, 2013 7:47 PM Flag

    If You Don't Shop JCPenney, Then You're Too Old

    Chances are you didn't watch the Grammys because either Lynard Skynard wasn't nominated, it was past your bedtime or you thought Alabama Shakes was a new treat from Dairy Queen. Promise me something, before you go to bed tonight, youtube " Hold On" then tell me that lady doesn't have some pipes.

    All the men get jealous and the women just sigh cause everybody crazy bout a sharp dressed man. Everyday the crowd entering the new jcp gets younger and fresher. True we've disappointed many Towncraft stretch jean customers in mens. And for the ladies it's harder to find suits and Alfred Dunner at jcp but you can't be everything to everybody.

    Of course oily, unshaven, burly pot belly men from Ohio and Texas are turned off by our new look.They would look ridiculous in anything bringing attention to themselves. But do you want to know whose more disappointed than the men? The wives and the girlfriends of the guys who refuse to put down their beer long enough to look decent again.

    Soon you'll see one of our very own, gracing the cover of a preprint. Maybe it's been done before but I can't recall. You don't have to lose style as you get older.

    You want to know something funny? What's noticeably absent from the clearance racks is the fashion merch that is turning considerably faster than the year in year out duds like " I Love Grandpa" sweat shirts they use to send.

    You wouldn't go to Hollister expecting to find Wrangler jeans would you? So find another place to buy Big Mac overalls.

    Watch the video Alabama Shakes: Hold On. And ya'll have a good day.

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    • So, I have to agree with this idiot on one thing - Alabama Shakes. Too bad he doesn't know there is a resemblance to someone, Janis, from the period when we got decent music from bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd (check the spelling, idiot) or people like Tom Petty. How many of todays songs will live on like "Free Bird"?

    • When it comes to consumer retail, just have to have an "original price" and marked down price. People want to see marked downs, sales. People want bargains especially going clothing shopping to see the sale tags on the items. It makes people feel good they're getting a good deal and it justifies them buying the item. The guy from Apple totally screwed up. Now no sale items while its competitors are constantly offering marked down items so of course people will head towards the store with the sales. JPC can't offer their regular price items and then explain its an equal to another brand item at another store at cheaper price. Because its not an exact brand to brand comparison and gives the JCP brand appear a cheaper made or brand by that original "low price". Human shopper psychology doesn't work that way. People want to see that JCP marking down their merchandise in competing with other stores.

    • It's funny but IMHO, Pennyman--Alabama Shakes is one of the most derivative artists to come along recently. Yawn. The girl can sing--but this is retro, bar-band cover stuff. Kids, go listen to your parents' records from the 60's and 70's and tell me I'm wrong.

      And if watching the Grammys and buying new music from new artists is a litmus test for also being a hip JCP shopper, then I don't fit the profile. I have a diverse playlist but I'm not a sheep who is fooled by poor quality, overly-trendy #$%$ that passes for cutting edge fashion at House of Ron. Sorry.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • LOL This is pretty funny.

      Are there more older people (boomers with money) or younger people?

      Our JCP has the older people clothes at the entrance - Alfred dunner etc.

      Looks like they still have a mix to me.

      I will shop where I want. Perhaps when you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s,, you can get your clothes where teenagers get their clothes.

      That will be a good look.

      How many clothes from JUSTICE do you have?

    • beetleruss Feb 13, 2013 6:30 AM Flag

      And m.swanger is still beside himself that he and the handicapped lady in the wheelchair can't find the white Stafford briefs they so eagerly seek.

    • God, fraudman, you're a nut. Little voices tell you post this stuff? lol : ))

    • iluvmyjobandimhappy2bhere iluvmyjobandimhappy2bhere Feb 12, 2013 9:21 PM Flag

      Every time I think that you alphabet boy couldn't get any dumber, both of you puke holes prove me wrong ... I swear, all the normal ppl here are just laughing at your diatribe & you're too stupid too even realize it.

    • Oh please, go back in your groundhog hole! It has been nice on here without your sarcastic posts. If you happen to be hiding under another ID, they sure have more sense than you do!! One of our very own on the cover of a preprint,,,,,, well you seem to be the only would that would be appropriate for that!! Be sure and put that big Horse grin on,,, and say "Hay"

    • I look forward to your posts. They are hilarious. It is too bad that your posts reflect a lack of true retail knowledge, results and perspectives. Out of curiosity with your knowledge, how many years will it take to recoup the 3.5 to 4 billion in lost revenue. How many years will it take to get the SGA back to 2010 numbers? How many years will it take to get the gross margin back to 2010 levels?
      Look forward to reading your next post.

      • 1 Reply to vetinsight
      • To me it's obvious revenue was not our first priority in year one.Long ago I had guessed we would end where we will end and some poster couldn't believe I'd be okay with that. I believe you have to blow things up from time to time.

        I'm thinking for the health of our company we need to be smaller. Right now for our business model I believe we have too many stores too many people. So with fewer stores that could answer your revenue and SGA question? We'll find that niche in that market, exploit it, then grow from there.

        Again we're not interested in being what we used to be. Yahoo's are.

        Long ago I had guessed we would end where we will end and some poster couldn't believe I'd be okay with that. I believe you have to blow things up from time to time.

    • You must not realize that the people you like to insult could very well have children & grandchildren that they take on shopping trips & buy for. Or, do you not care about them either?

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