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  • cindybinxxx cindybinxxx Feb 19, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    JCP, Degeneres, and the gay community have proven something

    Look at all of the thumbs down on any post referring to the big mistake JCP made in endorsing the gay community. The public literally voted with their wallets going to Target, that was under a gay boycott. However to watch the news or look at the thumbs down here one would think that the general public opinion is for the pushing of the gay mantra. All that has been proven is the gay and liberals have such loud mouths, but at the end of the day traditional American values prevail.
    It has been a great experement for JCP to do this. The shareholders, who should have been up in arms as it unfolded, have now seen their investment on the path to zero as more store closings are planned and there seems to be no definitive light at the end of the tunnel.
    How sad that so called political correctness has destroyed the savings of many Americans

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    • If JCP's customers left just due to the loss of sale coupons, then al they would have to do is go back to the sale coupon style of pricing.

      I believe it was the gay and lesbian advertising that did the damage....what traditional American family is going to walk in JCP's front door and look up at a billboard of a gay male couple and then come back again? Not mine...goodbye JCP.

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    • are you blaming degeneres and the gay community for the fall in this stock??? I think your crazy./

    • I thought all republicans were gay? As a straight male I know I never had a choice in what attracts me. So how does the tea party queen and all her supporters think anybody does have a choice unless they do? I mean, they got to be at least bi-sexual to think that. Just like the foot tapping nonsense and wide stance from the republican lawmaker recently that drew "a no big deal" from republican voters. I think the anger and cynical attitude reflected in their sneers and smirks reflect anger at having to maintain their charade.

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      • You think that all the sick freaks of San Francisco are Ronald Reagan Republicans? Now that's funny. Sorry, but it's the Democratic Party that owns the Brokeback Mountain / Jerry Sandusky / gay bath house crowd.

        And it's awfully peculiar how Liberals go into hysterics when they find a homosexual who isn't a Democrat. I guess when you're a liberal, you're under some sort of strange obligation to at least try having #$%$, just to prove you're open minded and not a homophobe.

        And it's bizarre of you to admit that you would be a slave to whatever it was sexually attracted you -- whether it was another man, a child, your mother, your Rottweiler, or a hole in the ground. If it feels good, then just screw it, right?

      • binxx, let's get this straight.........if you know how. Democrats and Independents know you are most likely gay or we believe in tolerance. But your self-loathing is saying you should be punished. Your survival instinct tells you you need more money than most.

    • Cindy - you must be one of those 'ugly girls'. The 'gay thing' has nothing to do with jcp losing customers - all one needs to do is walk into one of their stores and review the assortment and pricing. Now, put your mouth around one of those 'personal pleasure devices' that girls such as yourself must resort to.

    • Maybe you should be less of a loser and then your investments would do better. I know the Tea Party teaches you folks it has to be someone else's fault you're a miserable failure, but in reality, it isn#$%$ yours and your parents. Ellen is so hated, she makes what, 5-10 million more a year than you do?

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      • You liberals claim to hate rich people like Ellen Degeneres, now she's your hero? Lots of people have sold their souls in the name of greed instead of doing what's right, but according you to, she's a better person than people like me because she has more money?

        Barack Obama's boss, billionaire George Soros, made his fortune early in life by collaborating with the Nazis in Germany. So according you, it doesn't matter how he became wealthy, just that he did become wealthy? What an pathetic fool you are. Take your Hollywood morality and screwed up values somewhere else.

    • if you think homophobes will shift to Target to avoid a gay connection you must not think Target uses gay designers or employees. Wake up it is a big world out there with cool strait people and cool gay people. By the way, as a hetro male I am a big Ellen fan.

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      • You may think as you so choose. My guess is though that you are one of the voiceferous here that I was referring to. Personally my feelings are Penneys did in fact lose customers when it pursued using a self admitted lesbian to be its spokeperson. While it may not matter to you, it matters to others who went shopping with their wallets. Penneys numbers show the effect. You may have your opinions but as Penneys numbers are wrong

    • when this board gets full of disgruntled employees and users using this as a discussion for gay politics. look, we all know ron is gay, ellen is gay, everyone is gay. gays, for the most part, have no kids to put through college. they can shop anywhere. they are not going to shop at jcp. just like the models they use on their commercials. have you really seen a hot girl like that in jcp??? jcp should start carrying Lane Bryant. you know, the women where their butts follow them. THIS IS THEIR CLIENTELE accept it!!

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    • I thank the obvious gay community posters for proving my point. Here we have a company that has lietrally been drug into a financial morass because of the demands put on it to cater to a small very voiceferious segment of society. Sadly people will lose their jobs, many will lose their savings and there will soon be more vacant buildings scattered throughout our economic system. What a shame

    • It has more to do with the fact the merchandise is completely unwearable to about 90% of the population. super skinny bottoms for both men and women in garish colors? v-neck shirts? even the Izod button shirts look like gingham tablecloths. when i pass through jcp, i see lots of BIG people, AVERAGE people completely avoiding these areas in favor of the markdown areas such as the Ravens superbowl victory tee shirts. Even these are not a good value at a discount when one can get them same price at Macy's made by Nike! the consumer isn't stupid. Ron should have held focus groups to see what people will really wear, not just what he THINKS they want to wear

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