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  • bamm160 bamm160 Feb 28, 2013 8:18 AM Flag

    Ron Johnson = Barack Obama

    same failed leadership.

    the only difference is Bernake can't keep printing money for JCP. But RJ can keep printing shares.
    With all the money they will borrow at junk status it will be impossible for them to pay back.

    Did anyone notice S&P rating is mysteriously missing today? Yesterday it was 3 out of 5. BWHAAAAA
    It will be downgraded further into junk status.

    long term sentiment....STRONG SHORT

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Yet another mouth-breathing right wing moron. Under Obama the DJIA has gone from 6500 to 14,000. Of course another right wing moron on this thread believes that Bernake put $280 billion into the stock market. LMAO

      Ron Johnson did to JCP what George W Bush did to USA. Although unlike in the lie-based Iraq war, thousands haven't died because of RJ's incompetence

      Another mouth-breathing right wing liar posts an absolute lie about GDP. Under Obama the average quarterly GDP growth has been over 2%. Just think what it could have been if Boehner and Mitchell abandoned their stated plan to screw over working Americans to advance the financial interests of the 1%

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      • Yet another mouth-breathing right wing moron. Under Obama the DJIA has gone from 6500 to 14,000.
        It was 14000 B-4 the chimp and it only took him 3 TRILLION dollars to get it back to where it was B-4 dollar devaluation and inflation. You should stick with retail as you plainly know NOTHING about economics.

        If you actually care to check, the DOW didn't go to your 6500 until 3 months AFTER he took office, but if ignorance helps you sleep at night, be my guest, just don't expect me to buy yourkrap!

      • Clawsmeister. I'm sorry to characterize you as a MORON! Obama is destroying this country.
        The only reason why the market is up (and I am glad it is) is to due Bernanke. Without the Federal Reserve this market would be in the TANK! Keeping interest rates at artificial lows will keep the economy going for now but will IMPLODE eventually. History will NOT be kind to this LOSER OBAMA
        who never learned what leadership is all about. He was in the right position before - community organizer!

      • Ron = Obama
        Job Killer
        Company Killer
        Country Killer

    • Are you just another typical gay republican or didn't you notice the DOW is up near record highs? Why blame Obama for the independent fed chairman unless you want to slam Reagan, Ford, H.W. Bush, GW Bush and Clinton for the disgraced Greenspan and his the market will correct fraud hs. What a yo-yo.

    • Discription is Perfect!

      Ron and Barry!


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