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  • america_wants_change america_wants_change Mar 2, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    Marketing is the problem, not the merchandise

    Fire the entire marketing department

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    • That has been the problem from day one. If they had kept their pricing policy of 1/2 everyday low prices and 1/2 higher prices and had marketed the daylights out of higher priced items at 30% off along with coupons this would not be happening. Instead the genius took everything to everyday low prices last August.

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      • jkprice Mar 2, 2013 10:56 PM Flag

        You'd think this could be made simpler. Maybe it can. At this point it would seem firing all the top management would give this an immediate boost in price. I mean, it could, at least from where shareholders look from. But in reality you just couldn't do that..............yet. What can be done? Well, if you can't be a leader, be a follower. Just what is your competition doing? Follow the lead of others and add some kind of value to what they're doing. Find a way to operate with less people in the store. RJ seems to be trying to do just that. Maybe he jumped ahead a little too fast. Streamline your ability to offer the same and different clothing your competitor does. Attack one competitor at a time. Not all of them at once. RJ missed it on this one. RJ is missing a 'tactical' side to this equation. He took over a business that operates within a space that is essentially at war continually with other stores. He must use more of a military kind of thought while facing the competition. While he may not be far off from a successful business model, he has certainly exposed himself to failure by thrusting too far too fast. So far he has rode on like 'The 600" in the Kipling poem. Guns are on the right of him. Guns are on the left. And while he may well be commited to charging forward, he still does have options. If he can bring himself to exercise them he still can succeed. It is his choice, and his descision at this point. It is time to rally himself and his people. Take the perceived weakness he now faces and turn it to a strength. The answer to his ills stands right before him. He has only to open his eyes to see it.

    • Sounds like a plan, RonJon is the head of marketing so he should go first.

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      • sp, With out a doubt the most overpaid man in america. Image is marketing. JCP isn't chicken or a computer. It had a older customer base that grew up with the change the name without knowing if your taste is appreciated by your customer is arrogant. It is a new store.............only one nobody really likes. The merchandise mix had to include old standbuys if only higher quality underwear and sportcoats. He grew up in edina............he should know that weather, location, local culture is starkly different in every state and location. Imagine the store manager running a successfull store only to be recieve a way or the highway........while the feedback from his long time customers is negative.

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