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  • america_wants_change america_wants_change Mar 20, 2013 10:19 PM Flag

    WOW! 8 execs fly to corporate HQs every week on corporate jets

    Employees are being told to make sacrifices so execs can pay for the jets

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    • 68% of Corporate Execs use corporate jets. This is nothing new. Just some more mud slinging propagated by those who want to cause some more stock volatility. Tell the truth.....if any of you had access to the corporate jet, would you refuse it and take the commuter lane???? If you said yes, you are a Liar!!!

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      • Oh greatly confused one - - - this stock is not going down because someone uses a jet or not - - - - it's going down because of the attitudes and capability of the people WHO USE the jets are incompetents with arrogant "let them eat cake" manners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tell the truth.....if any of you had access to the corporate jet, would you refuse it and take the commuter lane?

        If I worked for a company I believed in - I would live there !!!!! If I were looking to scam a quick buck I would take the jet from where ever I was going to be after I drove the company into BK - - - - -

        You really do have a way with people - - - your favorite words seem to be - LIAR - IDIOT - MORON - - - in the future please reserve those for the guy that deserves them - - - - - - - RJ

    • jcp is just the temporary 'cash cow' for these folks.

    • That is an incredible video. If JCP is to stay in Texas as a viable company why are these execs not moving to Texas? Sounds like they know the home office will not be there long and have no intention of settling down in Texas. I bet if some enterprising sort checks real estate sales they will find these guys shopping on one spot elsewhere. If this story were not so tragic and real there is no way anyone would believe it.

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      • I am not fond of corporate leadership of a retailer not living in their HQ city, but that is not the primary issue with this company. The problem is not where these morons live, but who they are, what they think, and how they act. They are are a talentless crew of vapid elitists, poorly suited for this kind of retail business; whether they live in DFW or Timbuktu they would still be murdering this company.

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