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  • sbutler218 sbutler218 Mar 27, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    JCP is still a good company

    It will survive all of the negative media

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    • It is only a good company in so far as it is fodder for B-School textbooks. JCP will be a case study in what not to do when attempting a corporate turnaround and/or a case study in the critical importance of market research and pre-testing. Other than is useless.

    • Sorry to burst your bubble, butler, but a company is only as good as its leader. IMO, this leader is slithering the company to the nearest snake hole of no return.

    • i am very sorry to dissapoint you but a good cumpany does not burn through cash and have sales fall off a cliff and lose lots of money they are going down the tubes i guess the old saying is true cant polish a turd but sure it is a great cumpany. lmao

    • "JCP is still a good company" is like saying sbutler is an investment genius.

    • define "good company".......a company trying bring sales back up to where they were 2 years ago?? A company that is going to "redefine" itself to get back customers it lost when it "redefined itself" as a store catering to a fringe element of the population?? JCP is a YO YO without a string!!!!

      Looking at the numbers, I would recommend any of J.C. Penney's competition from an investment perspective. Macy's and Target offer yields of about 2% and earnings growth of over 11%. Both companies have clear visions, and good margins in their categories. Kohl's 3% yield is the best of the group, and if the company brings their prices down a bit, I believe they can grow faster than the 6.4% rate analysts expect. Even Sears could be a decent buy if they spun off or sold the Kmart brand. Unfortunately, J.C. Penney is a fast fading retailer. Investors shouldn't be thinking about “long-term growth,” the question at this point is, will J.C. Penney survive? If they have another few quarters like this one, there won't be anything left to save.

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      • In all fairness our Alphabet boy is not a real deep thinker - - - no more than one topic at a time - - if the problem with JCPenney were only the "negative media" they would indeed survive - - - - - - - - however much we wish that were the case, as we all know JCPenney's problems are managerial, financial, low morale, and don't forget the dynamic dumbo duo - RJ/Ackman.

        The reality is, the media has actually been "Johnny come late to the party" - so to blame them for RJ's ineptness this February when they were cheerleading the same moron last February is just ludicrous

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