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  • rmlvr1 rmlvr1 Apr 22, 2013 5:01 PM Flag

    Wasted 1 1/2 hrs of my life I can never get back today in JCP

    please...longs and shorts read my experience today.

    anyone that is familiar with my handle knows that i had a nice short position in JCP. Well, after closing it out and cashing in big $$ I thought I'd go today and give back a little bit of my massive profits and buy some dress clothes that we need. I found myself in JCP because I was passing by and remembered that they had relatively cheap suits.
    Found the men's section and saw a sign on the wall announcing "jackets and slacks...$110"
    Ok, price is right so I proceed to try to find a 38R modern or slim fit and 34x32 slacks. Short story....NOTHING MATCHED. I looked and looked and looked. There was a man next to me as well as a family (grandma, mom, dad and grandson) all looking for suits.
    The man and family left in exasperation and went to Macy's. I toughed it out since I hate to shop and was already there. I found a "near match" grabbed a white dress shirt, belt, socks and proceeded to look for a dress for myself. Guess what?!?! There is not a STITCH OF CLOTHING for anyone over 25 or for a dressy occassion!
    Still, I pressed on to the ONLY register on the floor. My turn comes....suit is $280. How can this be? Clerk says it "happens all the time and they are working on it"
    Ok, I will STILL buy the d@mn thing but surely they will give the 20%, right?!!? NO!
    I didn't have a coupon. So,.....I tell them i've wasted my time, nothing matches, there is no sales help, the price is wrong and no coupon? He said "they are working on it and if he had a dollar for every complaint he'd be rich." I tell him I'm going to Macy's and he says "I don't blame you."
    So.....I go next door to Macy's where I find a dress and blazer in 15 minutes. Go to the Men's Dept. and who do I see there?? The man and family from JCP. THEY ARE BUYING SUITS!!!! MORE EXPENSIVE SUITS!!!
    The Macy's salesperson (yes, Macy's has a salesperson in every department eager to help) says this happens all the time.
    So, I found exactly what I was looking for quickly

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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