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  • retayl101 retayl101 Apr 25, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

    Lance - - - Just sold out my position !!

    I'm willing to take my dollar here - this is getting scarier by the day - right now I'm not going long or short

    retayl101 • Apr 9, 2013 5:07 PM
    I bought in around 14.37? today(850 shares)

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    • o wow . bumer isn't it. well you win some and you lose some.

    • Well, at least you didn't get damaged as some have...And, you did better than Wild Bill Ackman! I had a feeling, when I saw the period commercials (old west, roaring 20s, etc.) featuring Ellen, that this was going to be a mess. Firing of Michael Francis jus confirmed my suspicions.

      Does this mean that the board is going to be devoid of your comments, observations and retorts? There is only a small cadre of posters on this board whose comments are intelligible and reflect the reality of the JCP situation. This small group is responsible for most of the cogent, insightful comments. Plus, if you leave the board, you won't have Pennyfraud to chew on...

      In re: Getting scarier by the day....Yes, that's true. When this starts trading at 12, 11 or even 10, I think Ullman will be forced to push the BK Protection Button. When that happens, everyone will be wiped out as the shares become worthless. Only consolation is that Ackman takes it right up the pennyfraud hole.

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      • What scared me this time is the update to the recent shelf filing with the SEC - - - - - here's a sample

        “Total available income/loss from continuing operations (before income taxes and capitalized interest, but after preferred stock dividend) was not sufficient to cover combined fixed charges and preferred stock for the 53 weeks ended 2/2/13 and the 52 weeks ended 1/28/12 by $1,536 million and $229 million, respectively.”

      • Does this mean that the board is going to be devoid of your comments, observations and retorts?

        Unfortunately no - - - - I've been on the board since 1999 and in/out of JCP so many times(in/out/in/out) - a few weeks ago I received a "Round Trip" warning from Ameritrade - - - - I'm not a "big back up the truck" size investor - - - sold most of my stocks(95%?) at the beginning of 2008 right after the market started to turn down - missed the top by a little, but missed the bottom by a lot - - - - - - - I have other interests in JCPenney than it's stock - - - - - that's what drove JCPenneyFRAUD(aka mole) nuts - - - he was constantly trying to find out who I am - - - - - - - - Re: not having FRAUD to chew on - - - we all knew he was a "Big hat no cattle Texan" from the get-go - - - - they shoot their mouths off - have very little to back up their postions except hope and emotions(see JerseyJerk meltdown) - - - when things go south - they jump on another board - rinse and repeat -- - - - -

        Maybe we should have some kind of memorial service for our fallen comrades - Alphabet boy -sbulter - Chew Toy - Jersey Jerk - - - RIP !!!!

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