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  • jcpenneyman85 jcpenneyman85 Jun 12, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    My JCPenney Has a Problem and I Know Who to Blame

    Forget the customer is always right slogan.Let's face it; some customers are just more trouble than they are worth. But what do you do when it was you that created this problem? Oh dear lord, the problems my company faces today. We don't know how to say no. We are too sensitive to the 80% of the customers that are a drain on our profit.

    From 2004-2011 we have trained these monkeys to hold out their hand while we slather their palms with discounts. Don't get me wrong it's not the monkeys fault. We've trained our associates to genuflect at the mere mention of their discomfort.

    Customer: My coupon expired last week I was out of town on vacation can I use it anyway? Associate: Sorry mam,but your coupon is past the date and will not scan. Customer: Let me speak to your manager. Manager: Sorry mam, I cannot accept it. Customer: But I'm one of your best customers, and I will never shop JCPenney again! Manager: Ok mam we'll take it this time but in the future we cannot. Customer: Thank you, I love JCPenney! End result,; another trained monkey some other associate will have to deal with in the future when he or she is told no.

    These are the customers that waste most of your time, energy and resources. They always cost you more to serve than they spend. By allowing the coupon to be used in a time period it was not intended to be used in, it can become a drain our resources and profitability. Not to mention ugly skirmishes at the POS.

    Sometimes it pays to look beyond adding store counts, revenue, and focus more on profit and integrity. In these times where everybody is in a hurry my company has actually slowed down the checkout process at POS. Imagine granny dumping her purse contents at Walmart counter looking for a coupon that's balled up somewhere on the bottom sandwiched between grocery receipts from months ago.

    What JCPenney must realize is not every customer is "our best customer." It can be a circus with animalistic behavior. And guess who created it all. MU

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    • This is in response to your two replies. First, you say check the Anniversary ad in 2002. The whole retail industry was changing. The consumer was changing as well. Unfortunately, it ran counter to your principles and the way you would have run the company. It did not matter who was CEO with the competitive environment the actions would have been the same.
      Finally, you have no wholesale experience and a very limited retail perspective. Your second post deals with branding. It all has to do with positioning.
      Once again do everyone a favor and resign. Better still rather than hiding behind your posts why don't you contact the executive management of the company and let them know how you feel about the direction and more importantly the consumer. Be sure to include the notes about the admiration you have for the direction that RJ took the company.
      Your attitude will come across to other associates and customers. Life is too short. Why would you waste your time at a company which clearly you do not support. Resign and go to work somewhere that has the same principles you believe in. You will be far happier.

    • Pennyman, Pennyman, Pennyman, dont let this whole fiasco worry you. It will be in bankruptcy court soon enough.

    • You need to get a life and above all find a job where you are on the same philosophical plane as your employer. You continue to blame MU. If you had any knowledge or idea you would realize the coupons, discounts, etc were started prior to MU. However, your infatuation with RJ clouds your judgement and above all perspective. Do everyone a favor and resign

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      • What to save money at JCPenney girls and boys? Buy merchandise on sale even if there isn't a coupon out. Return and rebuy the merch when the coupon hits the paper. Don't worry about the little disclaimer that says" not good on prior purchases" just ask for a manager.

        Make the customer happy. You know I think we also should bring back the 15% survey coupon too. What do you say vetinsight? That was your pal Ullman's thing too. It was a great deal when you could buy merch on sale, use a weekly circular coupon, then booyah add the 15% survey on top of that. They were dragging merch out the door by the bagfull.

      • @vetinsight The only thing MU brought that was successful was Sephora, and guess what? THEY DON"T TAKE COUPONS INSIDE SEPHORA. Dig up the 100th Anniversary Ad which was 2002 and prior to MU. Was it full of coupons? MU has turned JCPenney into a circus. Three ads a week. Sign up, sign down. They don't buy unless there is a coupon, but if they did, they return and rebuy the product using a coupon. It's a complete joke. You have not been inside a store and experienced what goes on. You have no idea. I'm for any ceo who puts the brakes on constant promotion. I've said it before WHY DO YOU THINK BIG TIME LABELS WON'T SELL TO JCPENNEY NUMNUTZ? WHY CAN'T WE GET THE SAME LABELS AS HIGH END RETAILERS? WHY COULDN'T WE GET RALPH LAUREN POLO ON OUR AL LINE? Now because we are just like everybody else we're back to fighting a price war and the customer wins. If MU was so great how come he was fired? How come the investors don't love him or the direction he surely will lead us once again?

    • You lost me at "...customers that are a drain on our profit." What customers? What profits?

      "Profits", as a measure of financial success, has been out of the JCP lexicon for some time now. Where have you been? Perhaps you meant "Prophets" in reference to your idols Ron-John and Wild Bill Ackman?

      I am sure Retay will weigh in soon.

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