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  • jcpenneyman85 jcpenneyman85 Aug 15, 2013 8:10 PM Flag

    JCPenney And Customers Like Their Stores A Little On The Trashy Side

    Under Ullman's first go around, layers of employees were added that only complicated merchandising processes in Plano and at store level. At the store level when one advertising circular a week became three it became necessary to form a team to handle sale signs. They were called the pricing team. Before it was handled by each depts staff. Signs up, signs down, up to three times a week. Not to mention price changes such as markdowns on top of that.

    Later under Ullman a recovery swarm team was created to handle putting the store back together after a frenzied chaotic day that rips the store to pieces. (See Facebook). Of course more merchandise had to be ordered to support these sales so you guessed it, Another team was created to handle the incoming freight and to put it out on the sales floor.

    So that's three teams that were created at the store level. The stores could not keep up with the amount of freight coming in. Merchandise hung in the back stockrooms without seeing the light of day until it was time for markdown. This is when we went to sticking GREEN TICKETS on reduced merchandise for unbelievable prices like $1.97-$9.97. Ugly "H" racks were introduced to the sales floor to handle clearance.

    We were loved by the adoring customers who couldn't get enough of $4.97 dress shirts, $9.97 womens outerwear, $3.97 junior jeans.

    Under Ullman not only did we see a decline in revenue and market share we actually changed our customers buying habits. What the customer remembers most about our store under Ullman is the prices and "their haul" upon trips to JCPenney. (See Facebook and Youtube).

    Under Ullman JCPenney was slowly becoming a clearance outlet and a haven for resellers. (See Ebay). We attracted new money sleaze. Once we cleaned up the place and removed the clutter we were not the same JCPenney they grew to love. Without racks of bargains we suddenly sucked.

    Over buying is starting again and Mike's racks are filling up. There goes the neighborhood.

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    • JCP is better than Target and there is Macy's.

    • Pretty much in line with what we heard from other JCP employees under Ullman.

    • Maybe " a little on the trashy side" is what we need!?!?!?

      Sentiment: Hold

    • As far as seeing a sea of clearance....
      I recall hearing reported that the back rooms were packed with clearance merchandise because JCP wanted a clean, neat, open look. So, they hid all the #$%$ but that also meant it wouldn't sell if its out of sight. And also, under Johnson, the selection of new was so lean because he thought it looked more appealing to the shopper - but he forgot that the customer wants a good selection or else they go elsewhere to find it. His other big mistake - just offering one type of fashion to one type of customer, that was of lesser quality.

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      • They wouldn't allow as many racks and/or tables on the floor. They wanted more room to walk around on the floor. You know, the big R thought it would bring in the customers.

        The stockroom manager would get a report showing the items that hadn't been sold and/or scanned on the floor for the week. This supposedly meant the the supervisors hadn't been doing their jobs of getting their merchandise out on the floor. In other words, setting up the layouts and entering it into the computer giving the other team instructions on what to do. Our manager wanted that clearance out there to be sold. We had groups that came in there on that day and would buy bulks of that stuff so they could go sell it elsewhere. I mean gee, buying $30-100 items for $4.97 why not?

      • You can sell any Apple products in JCP store, but you can't sell JCP inventory in Apple-style store.

        Nice looking stores selling un-known brands, Martha's party goods, party bags and napkin, just brilliant.

    • As I recall, they took their staff and just changed their responsibilities when the stores created centralized check out areas. Before that, they had each department staffed with several people doing all the functions you mentioned, including manning the cash registers, the fitting rooms, signing, markdowns, putting merchandise out, taking care of customers, floor moves and sets,... Then they did away with cash registers in each department and the more personal customers service, and divided up all the duties among different teams.
      So, yes - teams were created - but only because they created the centralized checkouts.

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      • They began offering packages for the longer employed associates to leave. Better put, take it or else. Then more were simply let go months. They were replaced with lower paid by simply putting them on one of those new teams. Since it was a new position, legally, it could be considered doing away with one of the other positions that higher paid were in. That is some of the longer employed stockers, pricing teams..........................this was done with the supervisors years ago. Their names were changed so they let go some of the current.

    • Hey Peeniemin - what was the advice you posted for unhappy employees a thousand times or more? Let me paraphrase: "If you can't get a hundred percent behind the changes being implemented you should just get out."

      Good advice.

    • I have to agree with vetinsight.
      I hold no position in JCP.
      Either work for positive change or get out, airing alleged dirty laundry(whining) does not reflect well on you IMO.

      World is full of arm chair quarter backs that can't do anything but whine.

    • You might want to try a little exercise. It may help to educate you. Do some research. Start with the year 2001 and track sales volume as well as operating profit. Put it on a sheet so that it is in front of you. Then make sure you put in the numbers thru 2012. How does the tenure and direction of RJ look?

    • We implore you to resign. We would also ask you not to post your ridiculous thoughts any longer. On the other hand, I have. to admit that reading your latest post made me laugh because it is obvious you have no business sense!

    • I really wish one day that you'd learn what you're talking about.

      The swarm team were the same people. It was simply done a different way. The store was stocked by the same people and again, the same people. No more or no less or the stock in the back unless the manager didn't do his job on watching what was going on. The green tickets, clearance, came when Johnson and his idiotic system came into play.


      Where are our customers? Oh no. Our merchandise isn't selling. I really wish those customers would come in and buy our merchandise.

      Once a week this team, that Johnson created, is going to come in overnight and mark these thousands of items down to clearance. Hey jcpenneyman...............where did the pricing team go again? Oh yeah, Johnson cut 'em and replaced them with rookies on that new team he made.

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