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  • jcpenneyman85 jcpenneyman85 Aug 16, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

    JCPenney & Kohl's Can Never Not Offer Coupons.

    Think about that. We can never again alter our marketing strategy. It must 'always' include coupons. Our very existence as companies depends on never changing how we market our brand.

    Wow. That's not Penney proud.

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    • Here's an example for you non-retail people of how IT SHOULD BE DONE -

      I deal with a vendor that was admittedly "behind the times" but a few years ago "saw the light" - - - they relied on printed catalogs and didn't embrace on-line technology as quickly as they probably should have - - - - they recognized the obvious need to be "on-line" so what did they do??? an RJ???, where you throw away all your old print catalog customers and establish an on- line presence for the new techie generation - - - - - NO - they established an on-line presence and almost immediately converted 50-60% of their existing customers - - - but(the horror of it all) they kept taking orders via fax and, yes, even over that old fashioned phone - - through the prudent use of "gimmicks" "percent off" "free freight" etc they slowly over a few years converted about all but 5-10% of their "old blue hair" customers to the on-line - - - - - to this day they still mail catalogs(print drives internet) man the phone lines with their(oh the horror of it all) index card file with customer information -- - - - - - with the SOLE intent of NOT losing a single customer !!!!!!!

      End result = a vendor that has almost doubled in volume and customer base - no debt - and a bright future - - - - - - - - OR WE COULD DO IT YOUR WAY AND END UP WHERE JCPENNEY IS TODAY - - - - - - -- - - where on earth did you learn anything about retail????????

    • Think about that. We can never again alter our marketing strategy. It must 'always' include coupons

      Just have to keep showing everyone how LITTLE you actually know about retail - eh???

      When you make a change in retail YOU DO IT SLOWLY AND WITHOUT BEATING THE CUSTOMER OVER THE HEAD - - - - - - - - otherwise you'd still be buying a house from the SEARS catalog and flatboating it down the river on a barge - -

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