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  • peps1_dad2oo3 peps1_dad2oo3 Sep 4, 2013 12:52 PM Flag

    retayl101 seems live a bitter J. C. Penney hater

    Hope the short gets burned really bad!
    It will be fun to watch him lose money

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    • He tries too hard
      he must be a bitter ex employee ....LOL

    • He loves to yell about fundamentals but refuses to look at other companies who fundamentals were once as bad if not worse than JC Penny who have avoided bankruptcy turned their ship around.
      haters are blind

    • Hmmm - you've made three fallacious assumptions in one post - - - wonder if you're smart enough to figure out what they are?

      But - any time you're ready to discuss JCPenney sales, debt, DIP probabilities, or other such "Inwestor talk" - - - I'm here to bounce around any ideas you might have - - - - - - and that's in spite of my belief any idea you might have would die of loneliness !!


      retayl101 • 4 hours ago

      Well, what about XXXXXXXX company - their stock was down and now it's up ???

      The insinuation by several posters is JCPenney will follow - -because that's what all stocks that go down, do, right??? - - - - Yup, if it were only that simple - we'd be littered with billionaires - - - - - truth is, almost all larger companies in business for any length of time have stock fluctuations(up/down) and some encounter hard times for one reason or the other - - - - - - - - - the ones that make the comeback - - - - have one or a couple of problems - they address those problems - problems are solved - stock bounces back - - - -

      However, JCPenney does NOT fit that mold - the are UNIQUE enough to not be like any of those companies - - there's a reason they'll be studied in business schools for the rest of my life and probably beyond - - - - - - they made EVERY mistake you could make - - - they FAILED to realize that mistake(until it's too late) - - - so it's not just a manner of correcting a couple of things and WALLAH !

      They started with a BOD that's probably one of the weakest I've ever seen - - - making statements like "Gee, he sure sounds smart, I hope he knows what he's doing -------------------------- then along comes an Activist investor(I'll get more into Ackie baby on another post) - - - has no SUCCESSFUL retail experiences(only failures) -------------- puts the poster boy for the "Pet

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      • This is what we all see when we read your post

        Bla bla bla ...bla bla bla!Bla bla bla ...bla bla bla!Bla bla bla ...bla bla bla!Bla bla bla ...bla bla bla! UNIQUE. bla bla bla!Bla bla bla ...bla bla bla!Bla bla bla FAILED .bla bla bla!Bla bla bla. bla bla bla!Bla bla bla BOD. bla bla bla!Bla bla bla

        I have seen it all before on the Rite Aid, CVS and Zales boards from 'wiser" posters than you who were yelling BK

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