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  • chase07470 chase07470 Sep 12, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

    Who is holding the bag?

    Looking back on the days between the Ackman blow up and earnings, JCP came out and said Back to School was positive for the first week of August. They had to say something as they knew Ackman was exiting his large position and with no hope, there would be no buyers. Well, they gave hope, making a claim that will be impossible to ever quantify. It got longs engaged, Ackman exited without a free fall.

    But now we're seeing the word leak out about how things are really going. Bit by bit, it's clear there was no uptick and the stock is responding accordingly.

    JCP did the same thing with Mother's Day in the spring. As a long back then, I was all fired up. I expected a great qtr.....turned out to be the worst ever....until they report November 19th.

    the longs bit on the Back to School BS hope bait. Now, the reality is being priced into the stock. How long will you hold on?

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    • beetleruss Sep 12, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

      You gotta love those starry-eyed, ever-optimistic JCP long. Perhaps if they believe hard enough in JCP's future and click their ruby-red slippers together, they'll be able to avoid the wicked witch who wants to send to bagholderland like the Circuit City shareholders. JC Penny is such a storied name with lots of stores. 'Surely I won't be left holding the bag,' they tell themselves.

      But hope and faith won't be enough to save them when the envisioned sales fail to materialize and the JC Penny game of musical chairs comes to an end. Don't be a bagholder. Ask yourself if JCP leadership has articulated a workable plan about who the JC Penny customers is and how they plan to reach them. I don't think the JCP team even has a clue.

    • chase,
      Great points again...looking back to Apr. imo u were early..
      it is only now that the ack shares have been transferred that IF we are to make a turnaround
      it has to be now....
      there is alot of value in JCP and debt... so if GS wants to spin it down
      off margin and do a (take under) they CAN...
      there ever so powerful.....they can re-org in feb...float stk in 2015 everyone is happy GS makes MONEY...

      somehow after doing my homework on ULLMAN i dont think he would have stuck around after may..
      if they couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel....

      remember before ( traders got her/acks shares came loose... we were moving up after earnings..

      only Citi wants her down now and boy would GS like to stick it to the C for dipping into the govt purse...(09)

      this is all speculation of course....

      Whats NOT our 100 yr old American CO. is under attack....
      will we have the retaliation... is the customer coming back to take a look?

      we shall see...


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Currently I am a bag holder. Watching very closely, not discouraged yet. Seems possible that an announcement regarding a permanent CEO in the not too distant future could provide a boost. I'm currently profitable, but if the trend of the last few days continues much longer that will change. Buy decisions are easy. It's the sell decisions that make me sweat. Holding on for now.

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