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  • mikestarfish mikestarfish Sep 26, 2013 8:35 PM Flag

    GS Runs the SHOW.....We are just spectators!!!

    All of us in here are just chumps that have no idea what Wall Street is really going to do with JCP. I guarantee you Goldman knows where JCP is headed; suppossedly there is no insider trading on Wall Street but we all know that this deal was not put together today. So GS knew what the stock was going to do way before we did and is going to profit the whole way whether this goes back to $20 or makes new lows going forward.

    My guess is the this will be the next BBY. Where wall street crucifed the stock for 2 years only to bring it back to it's former glory. I sold after hours and hope that the longs that do stick around will profit greatly. I can't take all the banter and negativitiy. One thing is for sure they are not going BK anytime soon; they will be funded for all of 2014 now and have a cushion to improve sales.

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