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  • octopus1_2000 octopus1_2000 Oct 1, 2013 1:29 PM Flag

    If this Drops To or Below $8.60 Today I'm Kicking Everybody's #$%$ on this Board

    All the pumpers yesterday get first beat downs. Afterwards, all the Shorts who failed to give good insight to why this is nothing more than a frying pig.

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    • Thats flying pig buddy

    • Really? You don't make up your own mind and do your own DD? Actually if you want to blame anyone blame the media, they're harping on the downgrades NOT the analysts who say HOLD. There was an upturn this morning which was reported as People "jumping" on the record lows despite the media's harping on Perry's downsizing his portion (but not that he is playing hardball b/c he wants HIS guy in as CEO, Ken Hicks, in which case his opinion can change on a dime and he'd become a big supporter).

      PPL are totally fickle -- however this version seems right -- loading zone before heading back up.
      However will it stay above 9's since the media's been hammering all the downgrades? Who knows?
      Sounds like you shouldn't be in this stock in any case, it's volatile and that's a fact.

      Make up your OWN mind -- don't listen to pumpers, shorters (who have lied all over the place and
      sometimes it works), who just want a fast buck and it has nothing to do with the fundamentals. If you
      listen to them this will go down to 8/7's so YOU decide whether this is a historical low buying op or is
      it a time to dump before price gets there. You really think anyone on this board has a crystal ball?

      One thing to keep in mind: with the HUGE volume of shorting the price is bound to go up soon, the "short squeeze," it's just a statistical fact. Would've gone up sooner except the dilution may be giving the shorters more time. What I SEE is that it is staying at the current lows as a support level and PPL keep buying.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • It's going well below $8.60, but you couldn't kick your way out of a wet paper bag.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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